Chelsea Heights Hotel - a new venue for Jimmy, a new venue for us. The place does
not have a good reputation, and understandably so. Still we were excited to have
Jimmy back in Melbourne again.
The venue was more like a NSW RSL club rather than a pub, it was quite large and
when the crowd came in they hung around up the back near the bar.
Mo Black were support - still trying to work that one out. Either they are improving
or we are getting used to them.
The young girls had started screaming before Jimmy had even come on stage and
thank god when he did come on and got started it drowned them out - a bit!
After the Mardi Gras gig it was great to have Dario and Wazza back in the line up,
Davey was busy with The Pictures (his band) gigs, but his fill in was his flat mate,
Chris. Chris is also in a Melbourne band - Vander. It was the first time he had played
with Jimmy and with the help of the band, especially Danny, did a really good job.
Clayton wasn’t there - Jackie was on keys and percussion. Unfortunately he was not
well and was missing half the night, out the back throwing up, Jimmy informed us!
Mahalia was up the front for a change for backing vocals.
There was a change to the set list tonight - the usual hits were there but there were a
few different songs added in. (Still waiting for Walk On Jimmy!!) Love and Hate
started the night off and included on the set were Can’t Make Love Without a Soul
and Bird On A Wire. The sound was brilliant here, Jimmys voice so loud and so clear.
At the front of the stage were too extra big speakers facing into the crowd - a
fantastic idea, they were excellent. Bird On A Wire sounded awesome.
The crowd were out of control and there were a lot of fights. Security was very slow
to pick up on it, even when Jimmy was pointing one fight out to them. It’s such a
shame that a few people have to wreck it for others.
But once again we had enjoyed ourselves - how could you not at a Jimmy gig!!

Love And Hate
Love Is Enough
Rising Sun
Still On Your Side
No Second Prize
Seven Days
Ride the Night Away
Sit On My Knee
Gonna Take some Time . w/ Mahalia
Resurection Shuffle
Bird On A Wird
Can't Make Love With Out A Soul
The Weight . w/ Danny
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Goodtimes . w/ Mahalia
Working Class Man
Lay Down Your Guns