March 24th 2006 .... MERCURY LOUNGE
Back to our favourite venue!! Such a pity it is closing down, but hopefully it will
relocate to somewhere close by and hopefully to somewhere not too much bigger.
Mercury is one place where you can get up close to Jimmy, with no barriers between
the crowd and the stage.
Anyway after our favourite support - Mo Black, Jimmy came on ready to rock. Love
and Hate followed by Seven Days set the mood for the night. Tonight there was no
Jackie or Davey (again). But it is great the way Clayton returns when he can and
tonight he looked like the break had done him the world of good. He was having fun
and even had a bit of a boogie up the back with Mahalia. Chris filled in for Davey
tonight and was excellent on the slide guitar in a few songs. Dario was up the front of
the stage enjoying his freedom to move about. His voice was very clear and
noticeable in the backing vocals for a change, not often you can hear him so well.
Danny was going off in his guitar world on the edge of the stage and Wazza was all
grins while giving those drums a good work out. All of them were quite into it
tonight, a lot more so than last night at Chelsea Heights.
There was one nutter who forced her way down the front and into Jimmy’s face. The
only words she knew were a couple in the chorus of Working Class Man, but she had
her hands in the air waving, clapping and wanting to be grabbed. She kept asking
Jimmy to pull her up on stage, totally out of control. She was actually quite amusing
at first and gave everyone a laugh but then it got a bit much. Didn’t faze Jimmy too
much though, he grabbed her hand and kept singing his heart out. Guess he must be
used to it!!!
It was another brilliant gig at the Mercury and Jimmy was sounding fantastic, though
we could have had his volume turned up a bit!! He worked the stage well and made a
lot of people happy by reaching out to touch their hands. Loved the different shirt too
Jimmy - haha!!! Can’t wait to get over to Adelaide for Clipsal.

Love And Hate
Seven Days
Love Is Enough
Rising Sun
I'm Still On Your Side
No Second Prize
Lay Down Your Guns
Ride The Night Away
Sit On My Knee
Gonna Take Some Time . w/ Mahalia
Resurection Shuffle
The Weight . w/ Danny
Can't Make love
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Good Times . w/ Mahalia
Working Class Man
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight