March 26th 2006 .... CLIPSAL 500 - BRILLIANT!
This was our second trip over to Adelaide for Clipsal. We had had such a good time a
couple of years back we weren't going to miss this one, especially with David
Campbell, Swanee and Diesel joining Jimmy on stage. AWESOME!
Went over on the Saturday and the place was out of control after a day in the sun at
the race practices. Walking to dinner and then onto the Casino we witnessed a bit of
action - first the cops had someone on the ground calling for paramedics, then the
mounted police had another on the ground calling for an ambulance. Around the
corner a lot of people were gathered around some commotion, a stabbing we were
told, a couple of guys were getting arrested. A short while after in the same area there
was a fight with a few getting thrown into the back of a divvy van and to top it off we
were nearly bowled over by the cops as they charged off to grab a drunk who was
abusing them. That was enough for us; it was back to the safety of the Hotel,
wondering what would be in store tomorrow when the real race was on!
It was a lot cooler the following day, which was a good thing. The racetrack was
packed and many people were set up early on the grass in front of the stage to watch
the race on the big screens. Don't know who won, only that it was Ford.
The concert started off with The Lunch Cutters - a local Adelaide band, followed by
Taxiride. Both were quite good and Taxiride got the crowd warmed up. James Reyne
came on next and did a few old Australian Crawl hits including Errol and Oh No Not
You Again. Then Mark Seymour with a few Hunters and Collectors hits, amongst
them Holy Grail and Throw Your Arms Around Me. The two of them then joined up
to do a few songs together.
Then it was time for Jimmy to hit the stage with the three girls - Mahalia, EJ and Elly,
and the band - Danny, Dario, Wazza, Clayton and Davey (great to have him back).
Plus David Campbell, Swanee and Diesel, only Jackie missing. What a line up!!
Driving Wheels started us off, a great song to get the crowd going. There were a few
fast songs before a change in pace with EJ stepping up for Settle For Me with Jimmy.
Then Elly, who is growing in confidence, sang I'll Be There with him. Following her
was David and joining Jimmy, they belted out Wichita Lineman. Jimmy then left the
stage and David sang Shout. What a performer, he is awesome and Shout went off big
time with the crowd jumping up and down and singing along. That guy has so much
energy and so much talent. Jimmy returned and the two of them did Out Of Time -
love it! David then went to join the girls up the back on backing vocals. A band
favourite, Love Is Enough was next before Swanee appeared to sing his three songs -
Hold Your Head Up, Lady What's Your Name and If I Were A Carpenter. Jimmy did
backing vocals for the last song. Swanee was fantastic, once again involving the
crowd and the entire band. It was disappointing however, that the two of them did not
sing What Will They Say together. Diesel came on next and him and Jimmy sang Still
Got A Long Way To Go, then for the first time live, sang Got You As A Friend off
the Double Happiness album. Then they did Good Times with Danny rocking it up on
the acoustic guitar. Mahalia had her turn with Jimmy singing Gonna Take Some Time.
The rest of the concert was Jimmy's hits, all the favourites, with him singing in
that awesome voice we all love. He moved from one side of the big stage to the other
acknowledging people along the way with a smile or a wave. He looked rapt to have
all the talented family on stage with him and if this was any indication of what the
family tour would be like, let's hope they somehow work out a way to pull it off.
Over two hours it went for, two hours of brilliant entertainment, definitely one of the
best gigs of recent times. Even the fights couldn't dampen the spirit of the crowd; the
troublemakers were removed promptly by security. Once I did have to get right down
so a drunk could be dragged over the barricade, but I wasn't staying down for too
long, didn't want to miss a thing.
Once again Jimmy had rocked Clipsal 500 with an awesome show and we enjoyed
every minute of it. It was a great gig to end up with before Jimmy takes a bit of a
break - a well earned break too I might add. And a well earned rest for the band too.
Looking forward to them hitting the road again.

Driving Wheels
Die To Be With You Tonight
Sit On My Knee
Rising Sun
Settle For You . w/ EJ
I'll Be There . w/ Elly-May
Wichita Lineman . w/ David Cambell
Shout . w/ David Campbell
Out Of Time . w/ David Cambell
Love Is Enough
Hold Your Head Up . w/ John Swan
Baby what's Your Name . w/ John Swan
If I Were A Carpenter . w/ John Swan
Got You As A friend . w/ Diesel
Good Times . w/ Diesel
Still On Your Side
Gonna Take Some Time . w/ Mahalia
Lay Down Your Guns
No Second Prize
Flame Trees
Seven Days
Ride The Night Away
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man