May 06th 2006 .... ROCKING IN THE GULLY (Ferntree Gully Hotel)
After a week of David Campbell, Shannon Noll, The Choir Boys, Jon Stevens and Ian
Moss, it was time to refocus on Jimmy. (Have to do something when there is no
Jimmy gigs!!)
We were raring to go and couldn’t wait for Jimmy to come on stage. But first there
was support - Mink, a rock and roll band whose lead singer was over from New York.
They were quite good.
It was packed in the Ferntree Gully tonight, packed and hot, back to normal for the
Got such a shock to discover that there was no Wazza and no Danny with the band
when they came on with Jimmy. What the ????????? Those two were such a vital part
of the band. Very disappointing. But Jackie has taken over the drums and from what I
hear has been putting in a lot of hours practise - good on you Jackie, it shows. On
guitar in place of Danny is another Danny, Danny Achurch, who was recommended
to Jimmy by Diesel. He did really well for his first time with only a couple of days to
learn all the songs. Thank goodness though, that Dario, Davey and Clayton are still
there, with Mahalia on backing vocals. They all helped out Jackie and Danny when
As for Jimmy, well he looked great and was in fine form, guiding the boys too. Who
can believe he has just turned 50? He can still pack a venue and still has girls, and
guys, screaming for him and pushing and shoving to get closer to him. He rocked the
night. One guy showed his appreciation by climbing onto the side of the stage on his
knees hero-worshipping our great man.
The set list was a little different to last time - Lover Lover was back and it was great
to hear Rather Be Blind with the band, an awesome song. Good Times was the encore
tonight, a bit different as there was no Do Or Die or Goodbye to finish up with.
It was another great night at a Jimmy gig, with fun had by all.

Love And Hate
Time Will Tell
Love Is Enough
Rather Be Blind
Rising Sun
Still On Your Side
No Second Prize
Ride The Night Away
Lover Lover
You Got Nothing I Want
Gonna Take Some Time . w/ Mahalia
Resurection Shuffle
Flame Trees
Lay Down Your Guns
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
Good Times . w/ Mahalia