We headed back to Sydney for some more Jimmy. With all the talk of him having a
break, we thought we had better get in whatever gigs we could. Also it was a good
chance to catch up with all the Sydney fans.
Castle Hill was a new venue for us, and we were surprised how long it took for the
crowd to come down the front. Got to love these non-smoking venues, that don’t
allow drinking on the dance floor, although the no alcohol policy didn’t last too long.
Mink had followed Jimmy up from Melbourne and were support once again. As soon
as they were over everyone came rushing to the front to see Jimmy. I ended up getting
crushed by a very annoying guy singing into to his stubbie, trying to out scream
Jimmy. Just wonderful - NOT !! But I was there for a good time and despite ending
up with bruises all down my arm, I had fun.
Jimmy as always was brilliant. Despite being unwell, he put on a brilliant show. Lot’s
of rocking happening in the RSL tonight, the place went off”!!!!
The set list was very similar to last week’s in Melbourne and the crowd loved the hits.
Both Danny and Jackie were a lot better the night seemed to go very quickly and
before we knew it the band were leaving the stage, Jimmy already gone.
The Jimmy chant started up and Jimmy returned to the stage for the encore of Lay
Down You Guns,
It was another great gig by Jimmy and his band. Bring on Wyong!!

Love and Hate
Time Will Tell
Love Is Enough
I'd Rather Be Blind
Rising Sun
I'm Still On Your Side
I'll Be There . w/ Elly-May
No Second Prize
Ride The Night Away
You Got Nothing I Want
Gonna Take Some Time . w/ Mahalia
Sit On My Knee
Resurrection Shuffle
Flame Trees
Good Times . w/ Mahalia
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
Lay Down Your Guns