The next day we decided to leave Sydney early and take the coastal road up to
Wyong. It was such a sunny day we thought there was no point hanging around the
city, may as well go check things out. Stopped at the Terrigal Pub for lunch, very nice
opposite the beach. Then we made it to The Entrance for the Pelican feeding, exciting
stuff!! It had been a nice relaxing day but now we were ready for Jimmy.
Another non-smoking, no drinks on the dance floor venue, happy with that. I often
wonder if it annoys the hell out of a singer when people stand in front of them
blowing smoke into their faces. I personally enjoyed tonight’s gig a lot more than last
night, maybe because I had space around me and was not getting crushed.
Mink were right into it tonight, with the lead singer, Neil pulling a girl up on stage;
she was a good sport and played along with him. By now the dance floor was packed,
the drinking forgotten. Jimmy was far more important and they were ready for him
and they were getting impatient waiting.
But soon he was there, on stage, tearing the house down, with Love and Hate starting
the night. The ever reliable Dario and Clayton were both great and Danny and Jackie
are starting to get into the swing of things. Danny makes guitar playing look
effortless. Davey was just brilliant tonight; he went right off – it was awesome to
watch. Love the scissor kick at the end of Resurrection Shuffle.
Jimmy was in a great mood, lots of laughs, lots of smiles and lots of interaction with
the crowd, which everyone loves, makes the gig that more enjoyable. Quite a few
things were thrown onto the stage tonight – a bra, which Jimmy placed on Davey’s
microphone stand, a pair of knickers that Danny scored, then there was some item of
clothing (not sure what) that nearly landed on Dario, a shirt, that was quickly removed
out of the way and finally a scarf that Jimmy put on his microphone stand. One fan
jumped up on stage to shake Jimmy’s hand. Security was onto him very quickly and
dragged him off stage in a headlock. A bit over the top but guess he was just looking
out for Jimmy.
In Rather Be Blind, Michael Hegerty came on to play bass. Michael is Jimmy’s close
mate and old bass player. He now has a record label – Work Station Records that have
Jade McCrae and support act Mink signed up, along with other acts. After that Dario
was back to take control of Resurrection Shuffle on bass.
The set list was virtually the same as Castle Hill but shuffled around and in the encore
Mahalia sang When Something Is Wrong with Jimmy, not a favourite of mine, but
nice to have it included in the set list, for a change. Goodbye was last up; it was
brilliant with the band going off.
Afterwards there were many happy and satisfied people leaving the venue. I hear
merchandise sales did really well tonight!!!

Love and Hate
Time Will Tell
Love Is Enough
Sit On My Knee
Rising Sun
I'm Still On Your Side
No Second Prize
Ride The Night Away
You Got Nothing I Want
Gonna Take Some Time . w/ Mahalia
I'd Rather Be Blind
Resurrection Shuffle
Flame Trees
I'd Die To Be With You
Khe Sanh
Good Times
Working Class Man
When Something Is Wrong . w/ Mahalia
Good Bye