A weekend in sunny Brisbane seeing Jimmy at the Doomben Races was something
we were really looking forward to, a chance to escape the cold!! We headed north
after work on the Friday night, leaving it behind.
Woke in the morning to sunshine and warmth - a great day for the races. Got to
Doomben in time for the first race. For a big race day there didn’t appear to be that
many races going on, oh well that didn’t bother us. During the afternoon there was a
fashion parade on stage. We grabbed a couple of chairs and sat on the lawn to enjoy
the sunshine and the afternoon. Only had to wait until 5 o’clock for the main
attraction – Jimmy Barnes.
By the time he came on stage we were squashed right up against the barrier. Jimmy
came on and the pushing and shoving started along with Love And Hate. The entire
band was there with him – Dario, Clayton, Davey, Danny, Jackie and Mahalia. I am
dreading the day when You Am I’s gigs coincide with Jimmy’s. Davey is brilliant and
tonight he and Danny worked really well together. Danny seems quite at home now.
Jackie is doing a great job on drums and continues to improve. Dario rocked; he is
awesome on bass, especially in Time Will Tell and Resurrection Shuffle. It is great to
have Clayton at most of the gigs; you miss his keys so much when he’s not there.
Mahalia was on her own on backing vocals (with the help of the boys). She joined
Jimmy in a few songs – When Something Is Wrong, Gonna Take Some Time and
Good Times, Would like to see her sing a different song in the set, maybe Hey Now.
Jimmy was brilliant pacing around the stage, belting out the songs. I don’t think he
was too impressed with the crowd though, but who was? After a day of drinking in
the sun they were out of control. There were so many fights and a lot of girls were
dragged over the barricade to safety by security. We were totally crushed against the
barricade unable to move. I have to say though, I was in more pain at Castle Hill and
Robe was a hell of a lot worse. At one point Jimmy stopped the show to tell the idiots
they were not impressing anyone, looked sloppy, couldn’t handle their alcohol and if
they wanted to fight to get the f… out of there. Such a shame some drunks who
obviously aren’t Jimmy fans have to spoil it for those of us that are.
All that said, it was a brilliant gig and I loved it. The encore of Nothing I Want and
Do Or Die was fantastic. It was the most awesome version of Do Or Die I’ve seen in
awhile – Jimmy pushing the band harder and faster and throwing in a big punch, quite
fitting for the day really! The song went off. Jimmy left the stage to lots of cheering
and us hoping he would come back for Goodbye. Unfortunately that didn’t happen
and crowd finally moved back and we could move again.
To sum it up, the afternoon was feral but AWESOME!!!
It was time to head down the road to see Choir Boys, Jon Stevens and Ian Moss. That
went off too. It was a seated venue, well for most, but not a few of us!! Choir Boys
got the crowd warmed up, then when Jon Stevens came on everyone was down in
front of the stage. He was fantastic, he has an awesome voice and gets the crowd well
and truly into it. Mossy too went off and had the crowd singing along. He included
quite a few Chisel songs in his set and the crowd love that. A great night!
We returned to the Hotel exhausted.
Didn’t have a flight til late Sunday night, so spent the day on the Sunshine Coast,
making the most of the warmth before returning to cold old Melbourne.

Love and Hate
Time Will Tell
Love Is Enough
Rising Sun
Still On Your Side
No Second Prize
Ride The Night Away
When Something Is Wrong
Sit On My Knee
Resurrection Shuffle
Gonna Take Some Time
Flame Trees
Lay Down Your Guns
I'd Die To Be With You
Khe Sanh
Good Times
Working Class Man
You Got Nothing I Want
Do Or Die