It was bad timing these Tassie gigs being the end of the financial year - very, very
busy in the banking business. Somehow I managed to get a couple of days off so
headed straight to the Launceston gig. I had to be back at work for June 30th though,
so had to miss the Hobart one. Not to worry, it was well worth the short trip.
The Country Club had a different set up tonight, along the front of the stage was about
six wheelchairs that had come down a ramp onto the dance floor, the ramp was
immediately removed. Not sure how safe that would have been if something had
happened and they needed to get out. But good on them, they were here to have some
fun. The crowd piled in around them waiting to see Jimmy.
There was no support here in Launceston and the night started with Clayton on keys
playing the solo intro to Last Frontier. It sounded brilliant, had been waiting awhile
for this song to be included in the set list and we were not disappointed. Once Jimmy
started singing - wow - it was just awesome.
The band tonight was Clayton on keys, Jackie on drums, Dario on bass, Danny A. on
guitar and replacing Davey Lane, who was off doing You Am I gigs, was Tommy
from The Casanovas. He was a great fill in for Davey. There was no Mahalia, EJ or
Elly on backing vocals; just the boys and they were excellent.
Loved the change in the set list, not only was there Last Frontier added there were
some other oldies too. Change Of Heart and Little Darlin' were there. Khe Sanh was
played early in the set, get it out of the way Jimmy said, Good idea!
Love and Hate was the first song in the encore, that was a change to it being the
opening song. I was waiting for Time Will Tell to follow, but no, Goodbye did. It was
great to see Jimmy winding the band up to go faster and faster
The crowd were loving it. Jimmy went over to acknowledge the guys in the
wheelchairs making their night. Many people were pushing forward to grab his hand
and to pass him things - some pink beads and a letter amongst them. Jimmy accepted
them with a smile, had a bit of a read of the letter and had a laugh.
There was lots of interaction with the crowd tonight, which is always a bonus. Well it
was an excellent night, enjoyed by everyone...
After that we were even more disappointed we weren't going on to Hobart. Lucky
Jimmy was going to be in Melbourne the following day!!

Last Frontier
You Got Nothing I Want
I'd Die To Be With You
Change of Heart
Khe Sanh
Still On Your Side
Rather Be Blind
Little Darlin
Sit On My Knee
No Second Prize
Resurrection Shuffle
Flame Trees
Lay Down Your Guns
Ride The NIght Away
Working Class Man
Do or Die
Love and Hate