What an awesome gig. Tonight the Chelsea Heights Hotel went off. It was sold out
and everyone was here to see Jimmy. Poor Mo Black, who were support, had to put
up with the 850+, impatient to see Jimmy, crowd yelling for him through out their set.
The lead singer Patrick played along with them and didn’t lose it, which was a good
effort on his part.
During the change over a group of young guys started singing Khe Sanh at the top of
their voices. Then the Jimmy chant started.
It wasn’t too long before Jimmy and his band strode onto the stage and launched into
Love and Hate. The crowd erupted with excitement.
The band were really switched on tonight and seemed to be enjoying themselves.
Clayton was swaying along to the music as he pounded the keys. Dario was singing
along, throwing in an action here and there to the songs. He was damn good on his
bass, to start off Resurrection Shuffle in particular. Danny showed some emotion in
his playing tonight and worked well with Tommy. It was Tommy’s last night with
Jimmy and he made the most of it. He was singing to just about every song and was
great in Working Class Man standing on the edge of the stage singing with the fans.
Jackie loves playing the drums in his dad’s band and doesn’t it show, he is doing
really well and continues to improve. Would like to see each of the guys get a bit of
solo time, give them the chance to show off - and let us see what they can do!!!
Jimmy was once again awesome, that voice so amazing. Tonight there was not a lot of
chatter from him between songs; once one song was finished it was straight into the
next. That suited the crowd, they were here to rock. Jimmy reads the crowd very well
and delivers exactly what they want. Tonight that was music.
The crowd were a lot better than last time he played here – no eye gauging this time,
well that we saw anyway! There was the usual bit of pushing and shoving to try and
grab his hand, but nothing too bad at all. A nice surprise!
The set list was changed around again with a couple of extra songs than what we got
in Launceston. With Mahalia not there Jimmy sang Good Times on his own. There
were two encores - first up Little Darlin’ then an excellent version of Do Or Die
(minus the punch). Then when you thought it couldn’t get much better, it did. Clayton
started the second encore on the keys – wooohooooo, Last Frontier – sensational.
This is such a brilliant inclusion into the set. That was then followed by Goodbye with
Jimmy winding the band up and all of then getting right into it – faster, faster,
faster!!!! It was awesome. With Jimmy in full force and the guys following his lead it
was one hell of a gig. Jimmy is extremely popular down this way and I reckon the
management of Chelsea Heights will be doing their best to get him back there again
as soon as possible. With sell out crowds and an absolutely fantastic gig - why not?

Love & Hate
Time Will Tell
Love Is Enough
You Got Nothing I Want
I'm Still On Your Side
No Second Prize
Sit On My Knee
Ride The Night Away
Rather Be Blind
Change Of Heart
Lay Down Your Guns
Resurrection Shuffle
Flame Trees
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Khe Sanh
Good Times
Working Class Man
Little Darling
Do Or Die
Last Frontier