August 27th 2006 .... TWIN TOWNS DOES IT AGAIN
Back to Twin Towns again. Love it here - relaxing on the beach in the sun by day
(sure as hell beats 11C and rain we left behind in Melbourne) and rocking to Jimmy
over at the Club by night. My kind of holiday!!
Sunday seemed a bit strange for a gig here at Twin Towns but it didn’t seem to bother
the crowd that poured in to see Jimmy.
And what a night it was!! The set list was absolutely brilliant!! A full on start, love Do
Or Die being added in early - gets everyone going, the crowd, the band and Jimmy.
The set list was similar to the Muster but tonight it was so much better. Jimmy looked
refreshed and the band had a new lease of life! From Davey we got windmills and
scissor kicks, Danny was getting into it and loved it when Dario came forward to join
him at his mike. (So did we) It’s great to see Dario come to the front of the stage and
getting into it rather than being restricted up the back. Clayton looked like he was
having fun, soaking up the atmosphere and Jackie was going great on drums. Mahalia
sang Take Some Time and Good Times with Jimmy, her voice sounding really good.
Jimmy’s voice was so loud and so clear, it was awesome. There were two speakers at
the front of the stage facing the crowd. A great idea, love it!
The crowd was quite civil tonight, but everyone was having a ball, the singing along to
the songs - very loud.
What an awesome version of Goodbye with Jimmy winding the band up to go faster
and faster. After Jimmy left the stage the guys kept going - all grouped together
waiting for Jackie to finish on the drums - a brilliant end to a brilliant night.

Love and Hate
Time Will Tell
Rising Sun
Love Is Enough
Do or Die
I'm Still On Your Side
Lay Down Your Guns
No Second Prize
Resurection Shuffle
Sit On My Knee
Gonna Take Some Time
Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Good Times
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
Ride The Night Away