August 31st 2006 .... BACK TO THE PIER AFTER ????? YEARS
    Back to Melbourne and off to Frankston to 21st Century at the Pier Hotel. It’s been a
long time since Jimmy has played here but I don’t think the venue has changed too
much over the years - a bit scary really!! The revolving dance floor is still there,
luckily not switched on tonight, that’s where the sound desk was set up.!!!
Support was The Sparrows. Danny Spencer had played with them for a bit but
unfortunately he’s left, so no Danny for us tonight. They were quite good actually and
got the crowd going.
When Jimmy came on the crowd were well and truly warmed up and the sight of him
sent them off. Love and Hate, Rising Sun then Do or Die - what a way to start,
straight into it. The set list was similar to the previous ones but in a totally different
order, which is always good. You can never tire of these songs, they are brilliant and
each is delivered with such emotion by Jimmy every time. Tonight his voice was so
strong and so loud coming out of those speakers facing into the crowd, love it – the
louder the better I say. So glad it is voice coming out of them though and not the
The band was fantastic again tonight. Dario came to the front of the stage, foot up on
the wedge, shaking his hair. Jackie worked well with him giving those drums a
pounding, working up a sweat, just like his dad. Danny put in another great one and
he and Davey were leaning against each other playing off each other - what a
difference that makes. Clayton too was getting right into the swing of things, clapping
along with the crowd. Mahalia was very popular when she joined Jimmy to sing Take
Some Time and Good Times. Like Jimmy she came forward to grab a few hands in
the crowd.
I loved it when they came back for the encore. As Jimmy followed the band out
Davey grabbed the microphone and decided to play MC introducing him. “Ladies and
Gentleman, Mr Jimmy Barnes.” Too funny Davey!
There were quite a few Chisel t-shirts in the crowd and they were enjoying every
minute of this, as were we. There was no pushing and shoving around, which is a
good thing. Maybe that was those big guys behind us providing some protection!!
They certainly stopped the girl, who had been aptly named Colleen Smart from Home
and Away, from pushing her way down the front - ha-ha, guess you had to be there to
appreciate that one!!
Well Jimmy had done it again - provided us with another awesome show. He worked
the crowd well - grabbing hands, giving a smile and putting 100% into his
performance. He left everyone wanting more. A great night for all.

Love and Hate
Rising Sun
Do Or Die
I'm Still On Your Side
I'd Rather Be Blind
Sweet Little Rock n Roller
Ride The Night Away
You Got Nothing I Want
No Second Prize
Lay Down Your Guns
Gonna Take Some Time
Sit On My Knee
Resurrection Shuffle
Flame Trees
Merry Go Round
Khe Sanh
Good Times
Working Class Man