September 02nd 2006 .... HORSHAM, WHAT A NIGHT!

It was the last round of the AFL home and away season today. I didn’t really want to
miss the last game but didn’t want to miss Jimmy either. Made the decision to go to
the footy, leave at half time and head to Horsham, only a 4 hour drive. As it turned out,
Richmond were getting thumped by West Coast so could have left a lot earlier!
We arrived well after doors had opened. Support band, a local band did 2 sets and it
was during their break that we got there. Sniffer dogs were at the front door greeting
people as they arrived, some people didn’t make it into the venue I hear! We
somehow managed to get to the front as people had moved away from the stage
during the break, guess drinking was more important to them, lucky for us!
Support was actually quite good with some good cover songs and the lead singer was
very entertaining. He got the crowd right into it and they were having fun.
There was a lot of excitement when Jimmy came on and there was a bit of pushing
and shoving as some girls forced their way to the front of the stage.
What a night this turned out to be, I think this was my favourite gig of the recent
ones, it was just awesome!
The crowd were going crazy and Jimmy and the band fed of them and they loved it.
Jimmy walked the stage connecting with the fans from one side of the Town Hall to
the other, no one left out. He was sensational belting out those songs in that brilliant
voice so full of passion. He really looked like he was enjoying himself tonight, lots of
smiles and laughs.
The girls who had pushed down the front were quite taken with Danny and he played
right up to them. He loved the attention and it was the best I’ve seen him. Davey was
going off too, with his windmill arms and scissor kicks. The two of them were having
fun, leaning on each other whilst playing. Dario too put in an awesome one. He was
up on the edge of the drum platform working with Jackie, and then he was down the
front with Danny, nearly off the stage and onto the front boxes. At one point the 3 of
them, Dario, Davey and Danny were all together singing into the same microphone. It
was good to see them having a bit of fun. Clayton was fantastic and his intro into Last
Frontier is the best, would like to see it last a bit longer though, it is so worth
listening to. Mahalia too was on the edge of the stage, touching hands and proving to
be very popular again with everyone. Jackie has a lot of energy on the drums and
gives them and himself a great work out. It is great how he come out after the gig to
chat to the fans, who really do appreciate it.
Lover Lover and The Last Frontier were introduced into the set tonight. Love the
addition of Last Frontier as it is one of my favourites and Jimmy’s voice in this was
awesome. This mix of songs is excellent and you can’t beat ending the night with
Goodbye as Jimmy and the band pick up the pace - love it!!!
Afterwards we were on such a high the 4 hour drive home took no time at all.


Love and Hate
Rising Sun
Do Or Die
I'm Still on Your Side
No Second Prize
Lover Lover
Love Is Enough
Last Frontier
Merry Go Round
Goona Take Some Time
Sit On My Knee
Sweet Little Rock n Roller
Resurrection Shuffle
Flame Trees
Lay Down Your Guns
Khe Sanh
Good Times
Working Class Man
Ride The Night Away