September 03rd 2006 .... MORE FOR COUNTRY VIC - YARRAM REGENT

Another long drive ahead, put the ipod on shuffle and we were on our way. The trip
actually didn’t take as long as we expected.
Yarram was a bit slow in getting started with the Regent Theatre taking awhile to fill
up. It was an all ages gig with seats upstairs for those who thought they’d be able to
sit down for a Jimmy gig. Not for us!!
The Sparrows were support again. They are a really good Melbourne band and whilst
there was a few screams for Jimmy during their set, the majority got into them and
enjoyed them. Everyone was raring to go as Jimmy hit the stage and the screams were
deafening as they caught sight of him and as the sound of his voice filled the Theatre.
It was another brilliant performance by him and by the band, who are gelling together
quite well now. They were moving around freely and enjoying it. Jimmy was
encouraging them, even trying to get Dario to come out the front in the centre of the
stage. But Dario left that up to Danny and Davey, neither of them need much of a push
to do so.
It was great to see each band member get an introduction from Jimmy and get a bit of
Jimmy once again worked the crowd well and threw in a few little stories. He gave us
a laugh when he wished Patto a happy 67th birthday. Hey Patto you look good for your
age!! (It was his 37th birthday) Jimmy’s singing again was sensational and showed no
signs of tiring after continual gigging over the last couple of months. How does he do it?
Tonight Driving Wheels was back in the set list, awesome, love that song and had missed
it not being there. Jimmy has so many fantastic songs, must be hard to decide which ones
to include, apart from the ones that have to be there. I guess though, Jimmy is so
experienced that he knows which ones work live the best. It is great the way he changes
them around, even if it is only 1 or 2 songs a gig.
Well tonight was another night of good fun and awesome music. Had a ball and found
it was over far too quickly. At least it wasn’t as far to drive home as it was last night.
But who notices the distance when you’ve had such a good time. Certainly not us -
bring on the next trip!


Love and Hate
Rising Sun
Driving Wheels
Do or Die
I'm Still On Your Side
No Second Prize
Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
Ride The Night Away
Last Frontier
Lover Lover
Merry Go Round
Gonna Take Some Time . w/ Mahalia
Sit On My Knee
Resurrection Shuffle
Flame Trees
Good Times . w/ Mahalia
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
Lay Down Your Guns