September 29th 2006 .... MANLY LEAGUES CLUB ROCKS

A last minute decision saw me getting on a bus in Melbourne and heading up to
Sydney for Jimmy’s gig at Manly Leagues Club. Thanks to Grand Finals in both
Melbourne and Sydney flights were sold out or way too expensive. After waiting
around for the flights to come up on happy hour, to no avail, I booked the bus, didn’t
want to miss out. It was a long trip but I am so glad I did it.
It was a good crowd at the Club and it was a sell out.
Mahalia was support and she was great. The band was basically Jimmy’s band with
Dario playing in the band for the night on bass. He joined Clayton on keys, Jackie on
drums, Jak Housden on guitar, EJ and Daniel Mifsud on backing vocals. What a
great voice Daniel has. It was a fantastic start to the night and got everyone revved
up. Loved her cover of Proud Mary.
Once she had left the stage the “JIMMY” chant started, the excitement built as David
Campbell was spotted crossing the stage just before Jimmy came on. The chant
continued as Jackie, Dario, Danny, Davey, Clayton, EJ, David and Jimmy came onto
the stage. The place went off as we launched into Love and Hate followed by Sit On
My Knee. Jimmy explained to us that Mahalia had to leave to go somewhere else but
would return later on. In the mean time David Campbell would join EJ on backing
vocals - what a bonus!!! He gets so into it, always looks like he is enjoying himself
and has so much energy. His enthusiasm rubs off on everyone. I think this may be
the first time he has done a gig with Jimmy in Sydney. They sang River Deep,
Mountain High - brilliant. They love singing together and were looking at each other
and smiling throughout the whole song. It really is something special.
The band were great tonight and Jimmy worked them hard and fast - lots of fast rock
songs. There were a couple of slower songs - Stone Cold (love that scream) Can’t
Make Love Without A Soul and When Something Is Wrong in the encore, in which
Mahalia joined Jimmy. She arrived back in time to sing Good Times with him near
the end of the set. What a shame Elly wasn’t there to join the family, but it was great
to see EJ, we don’t get to see her too much these days. (looking forward to her
album coming out).
It was a very high-energy night and the crowd were pretty full on and getting right
into it, lots of loud singing going on. Every time Jimmy came to the edge of the stage
they pushed forward to grab his hand. Everyone was having fun and enjoying
Do Or Die finished the night off ant it was fantastic. The guys left the stage with the
fans cheering loudly not wanting it to end. What at awesome night.
After watching the AFL Grand Final the next day in a pub in George St (what a great
game that was!) I jumped on the bus for the trip home. I arrived back at 6.30am
Sunday morning exhausted, but it was so worth it!!


Love And Hate
Sit On My Knee
Lover Lover
Love Is Enough
Rising Sun
Stone Cold
Lay Down Your Guns
Seven Days
Can't Make Love Without A Soul
Resurrection Shuffle
No Second Prize
Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
Merry Go Round
River Deep Mountain High . w/ David Campball
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Good Times
Working Class Man
When Something Is Wrong
Do Or Die