It was Rocktober again and Jimmy was back at The Palms for another awesome, sold
out show.
Mahalia was support and she was great. The venue suited her perfectly and the crowd
loved her. Jackie and Clayton are part of her band and they joined Jak Housden (The
Whitlams) on guitar, Ben on bass, EJ and Daniel Mifsud on backing vocals. They
tried to finish her up early but much to the crowd and Mahalia’s delight they relented
and she finished with her fantastic version of Proud Mary.
After a short break Jimmy came on with his new band line up. Well new guitarists -
Tommy Boyce (The Casanovas) on lead guitar and Nick Barker on rhythm guitar.
The ever reliable two - Dario Bortolin on bass and Clayton Doley on keys were there
along with Jackie on drums and EJ was in Melbourne and joined Mahalia on backing
vocals - an awesome combination.
Last year Jimmy started with some acoustics songs but this year there was none of
that, it was straight into it with Love and Hate kicking the night off. All us Melbourne
regulars bought our tickets separately and we all ended up on the same table. - funny
eh! I only have one complaint for the night - I really don’t like seated venues that
won’t allow you to get up off your bum without pouncing on you. How do they
expect you to stay seated when Jimmy’s on, it’s near impossible. When I looked
around I could see people up the back dancing. Maybe it would have been better back
there than having to stay seated down the front. Nah - rather be up the front dancing
on the edge of seats, as hard as that was. At least security wasn’t jumping us for
taking photos this year!
Loved the new band members. Nick Barker is fantastic and Tommy, well he is just
brilliant. He gets so into it, singing along to all the songs. He filled in for Davey early
in the year and did a really good job, great to see him back. At one stage Tommy
tripped and you could see the only thing on his mind was saving the guitar - and he
did! Both he and Nick fitted in great with the others.
Jimmy introduced us to a new song he’s written with Glen Hughes. ‘The title a little
harsh’ - Crawl Away and Die. Quite a catchy tune. Can’t wait to hear some more new
ones. Along with the new came the old favourites, some not heard for awhile. Wheels
In Motion was brilliant and went down really well with the crowd. Flame Trees was
done acoustic for a change with Nick on acoustic guitar. It sounded awesome - love it
down this way. Jimmy’s voice is so amazing and hearing it without the guitars makes
you appreciate it all the more.
When they came back for the encore we were out of our seats - finally! Security tried
to sit everyone down but after a few words from Jimmy they gave up - yay!! That’s
better, could get into it properly now. Everyone was up and going off to the last 3
songs. Pity it had to end then.
But it was a great night at The Palms, the sound is fantastic there. Can’t wait to get
back to the pub/club gigs though. Bring them on!!


Love And Hate
Time Will Tell
Love Is Enough
Khe Sanh
Resurrection Shuffle
Wheels In Motion
I'm Still On Your Side
No Second Prize
Crawl Away And Die (first ever performance)
Sit On My Knee
Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
Ride The Night Away
Gonna Take Some Time
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees (Acoustic Version)
Lay Down Your Guns
Good Times
Working Class Man
You Got Nothing I Want
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight