Well here we are back at the Shoppingtown, back to a pub gig and ready to rock. This
venue is about 5 minutes form my place, so happy to go to a gig close to home for a
Last time here the crowd weren’t into it too much and security were painful with
cameras. None of that this time round. This place so reminds me of a NSW club
where everyone hangs around the bar til it’s time to start. Not sure if tonight was a sell
out or not, but it was a great atmosphere. Everyone was raring to go when Jimmy
came on, jumping around with excitement. Good to be on our feet again!!
Mo Black were support, they regularly support Jimmy in Melbourne, and tonight they
were quite good. The lead singer. Patrick got everyone pumped when he mentioned
what a treat we were in for with Jimmy coming up.
Love and Hate was first on the list. A great start which was followed by Resurrection
Shuffle with Jackie and his mate Dario leading the way. Khe Sanh was early in the
set. As it is such a popular song it is a good idea to get it in early, get the crowd going
straight away. Nick Barker has a really good voice (check out his album C-Sides) and
he joined Jimmy in another song pulled from the archives - Stand Up. As Mahalia was
not here tonight, Nick also joined Jimmy in Good Times. Tommy was setting the
scene on guitar. I reckon his enthusiasm rubs off on everyone. He looks like he is
having the time of his life up there with Jimmy. Tonight both him and Nick were
singing along to the songs, they play together really well. Dario came forward to join
Tommy at his mike and moved around the stage a lot. He was up on the platform with
Jackie one minute then jumped off it and was down the front singing with Tommy the
Jimmy worked the crowd well I reckon he might have won a few of the young ones
over. There were a lot of them there. As well as lots of oldies and Jimmy had smiles
for everyone. At one point his mike went and we couldn’t hear him. Luckily Mick
was working and was on to it right away. Jimmy used the spare mike while Mick got
the problem sorted.
It was interesting to see Jimmy sing Take Some Time on his own in the encore. He
made a comment that he had started singing Mahalia’s part and didn’t know the
words. He managed to get through it with the help of the guys. Nothing I Want was
also in the encore, and then they came back for Goodbye. What an awesome gig!!
During the night Jimmy made mention that he was singing with Dallas Crane at the
Prince Of Wales afterwards if anyone felt like going along. As ones who can never
get enough Jimmy and the gig had finished early, we thought we may as well head
down there. It was worth the trip. Arrived in time to see all of Dallas Crane’s set, they
are a great band. But the best part of the night was their encore when Jimmy got up on
stage and sang three songs with them. First was their new single Lovers And Sinners
- not bad at all. Then Jimmy sang an ACDC song on his own as Dave Larkin didn’t
know the words. They finished up with Sit On My Knee. All the crowd were enjoying
themselves as were we. Glad we ended up going.


Love And Hate
Resurrection Shuffle
Love Is Enough
Khe Sanh
Stand Up
Wheels In Motion
I'm Still On Your Side
No Second Prize
Ride The Night Away
Crawl Away And Die
Sit On My Knee
Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees (Acoustic Version)
Lay Down Your Guns
Good Times
Working Class Man
Gonna Take Some Time
You Got Nothing I Want