It was great to be back at the Ferntree Gully and back for some more Jimmy.
The place was packed once again, they sure do love Jimmy out this way.
The Sparrows were support, didn’t enjoy them as much as last time they supported
Jimmy and there were quite a few shouts for Jimmy during their set, the crowd not
really getting into them.
A different story when Jimmy and his band strode onto stage, there was cheering and
screaming coming from everywhere. A girl had pushed down the front at the last
minute and tried to tell me she was with the band and would be on stage singing with
Jimmy very soon - yeah right!! She lasted a few songs then her head was down, eyes
closed and she was asleep - haha - how could you? She disappeared and was replaced
by a young girl who decided to lift her top and flash at Jimmy a couple of times - OK,
that caught his attention - and the bands!!
Wheels In Motion followed by Rising Sun was an excellent way to start off. What a
surprise to have Temptation included, it’s a fantastic song off Love and Fear. Good to
have Seven Days back too. Great to see Jimmy mixing up the set list each night,
adding some oldies along with his new song, Crawl Away and Die.
During Love Is Enough we lost the sound, everything stopped and Jimmy told us they
had killed the sound system. Not for long though, the power was back and we picked
up where we left off. It went again in Ride The Night Away, not completely this time
and the crowd kept singing and everything was back on track very quickly.
The band once again impressed. Tommy and Nick were enjoying themselves and
playing together so well. Dario was up the back on the platform with Jackie, Clayton
and EJ. Not much room to move but he made the most of it. Great to see him joining
Nick and Tommy, singing along with the songs. In Flame Trees he had his hands up
swaying along to the music, getting the crowd to join in. Tommy came out onto the
barrier and nearly didn’t make it back as he tripped over the speakers. “If there’s a
hole Tommy will fall in it” Jimmy told us. Clayton was getting into it too and having
fun. He is playing with Silverchair tomorrow on the Arias. Jackie was full of energy
tonight on the drums working up a sweat to match his dad’s. Would like to have seen
EJ join Jimmy for a song but that wasn’t to happen. There was a lot of energy up on
that stage tonight and it was brilliant.
Jimmy was awesome, his voice just keeps improving. It is so powerful and it sends
chills down your spine when he hits those high notes.
Working Class Man came around far too quickly; it was time for the encore before
you knew it. No Second Prize, Nothing I Want, then to finish off Sweet Little Rock N
Roller. Very disappointed there was no Goodbye. Oh well, can’t complain, Jimmy
had given it his all and it was an excellent night, one enjoyed by everyone.
Afterwards as he tried to leave he was mobbed. People grabbing him for a photo then
running away screaming with excitement.
Come back to Ferntree Gully soon Jimmy.


Wheels In Motion
Rising Sun
Stand Up
Crawl Away And Die
Resurrection Shuffle
I'm Still On Your Side
Love Is Enough
Khe Sanh
Ride The Night Away
Sit On My Knee
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees (Acoustic Version)
Seven Days
Love And Hate
Good Times
Working Class Man
No Second Prize
You Got Nothing I Want
Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller