November 01st 2006 .... FUN AT NORTH NOWRA TAVERN

Headed out of Canberra early and took the coastal road, via Batemans Bay, to Nowra.
Found our way to North Nowra Tavern where we met up with Wombie, ready for a
big night.
What a surprise venue this was, it was so small compared to the usual places Jimmy
plays at. I believe it only holds 500, nearly all tickets were presold, so the place was
packed tight. The venue went to a lot of trouble with the tickets. They had an old
picture of Jimmy complete with head band and they were laminated. - a little
souvenir of a fun night.
And a fun night it was. There were a lot of nutters out tonight, which made for quite a
few laughs while we were waiting for Jimmy to come on. Support was not what you
would expect, a guy with a guitar singing. He played for way too long and wasn’t too
successful in captivating the audience.
Finally Jimmy appeared and the place went off. Had a bit of trouble seeing Jimmy at
first. The lights had blown and the stage was in darkness. Made for good photos
though - haha!! And at least we could hear. The lighting returned before too long and
we could see what was going on. The stage was so small that the guys were on top of
each other and we had Jimmy right in our faces - can’t complain about that!
Once again the band was right into it. With no room to move they made the most of
things. Dario was stuck up the back; he had the hands up waving in Flame Trees with
many in the crowd joining him. Clayton was up out of his seat clapping along to the
songs. Jackie was pounding away on those drums, giving it his all. He must be
exhausted at the end of each gig. Mahalia was on her own tonight on backing vocals
and once again sang Proud Mary, everyone loves this song. Nick was having fun and
tonight he was on in the barricade. Tommy was lying on the barricade and back into
the fans - awesome! This is the last night we’ll see Tommy as his last gig with Jimmy
is in Perth this weekend. Whilst we are looking forward to the return of Danny
Spencer, we shall certainly miss Tommy. He has been brilliant and has brought so
much to Jimmy’s band. Danny’s got a lot to live up to now!!!
Jimmy looked to be enjoying this gig immensely and there was a lot of banter and
laughs with the crowd. He had a few jokes, said happy birthday to some guy and
found it hilarious when that guy was trying to climb over everyone to shake his hand.
The set list was similar to the previous ones but mixed up a bit. Sweet Little Rock N
Roller ended the night, no Goodbye - shame!
It was an awesome performance with everyone, Jimmy, band and crowd getting right
into it and having a lot of laughs, a lot of fun.
Nothing could dampen our spirits after two fantastic gigs - not even running out of
petrol on the way back to Canberra!! Why aren’t petrol stations open in the wee hours
of the morning?? Ended up ringing the night bell at a closed police station in a town
in the middle of nowhere. The policeman told us to stay put because there were no
towns close by and he organised for the NRMA to come to our rescue. Sat in the
NRMA service station and amused ourselves checking out the photos of the night on
the digital camera. That was until a little old man came banging on the window
scaring the …. out of us!!! He filled the car, it cost us a fortune and we got back to
Canberra at 5am. Haha - the fun of a road trip. Bring on the next one!!!


Wheels In Motion
Rising Sun
Nothing I Want
Stand Up
Crawl Away and Die
Resurrection Shuffle
I'm Still On Your Side
No Second Prize
Love and Hate
Gonna Take Some Time
Proud Mary
Lay Down Your Guns
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Good Times
Working Class Man
Seven Days
Ride The Night Away
Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller