Jimmy in Shepparton on a Tuesday night was a tough one to get to, but lucky I have
an understanding boss who let me leave early to beat the traffic out of the city. It was
only a couple of hours drive, so not too bad.
The Goulburn Valley Hotel was packed as we waited, first for Mahalia’s set, then for
Jimmy’s. It was great to have Mahalia as support. Jimmy’s band played with her with
the exception of Nick. It was a welcome return for Danny Spencer. He is great and
was missed by many people. Mahalia rocked the place, especially with Proud Mary. It
was a pity it was only a short set, but it was enjoyed by all.
The guys – Danny, Dario, Clayton, Jackie and Mahalia came back with Nick to the
music of Driving Wheels filling the venue. Jimmy followed right behind and the fans
went crazy. Once everyone was ready to go they took over from the CD and that was
laid to rest. It was a great intro, something a bit different.
Jimmy was in a great mood, lots of laughing, joking and enjoying himself. Down near
the front there was a group of girls on a hen’s night. They were having a good time
and Jimmy commented that Nick was their sex toy for the night – ha-ha that brought a
smile to Nick’s face. During the gig there were arms and drinks in the air swaying to
the music all around the venue. There were people on shoulders everywhere too.
Shepparton was having one hell of a night. Surprisingly we were not getting pushed
and shoved down the front.
What an awesome guitarist Danny is. It’s good to have him back in the band and he
looks rapt to be back. He went off and the rest of the band joined him. Dario was
brilliant. He kept moving about the stage, up on the drum platform with foot on the
wedge, and then coming forward to sing with Danny. The two of them were having
fun. Nick keeps improving. It’s very different for him playing in a band rather than
playing solo and doing his own songs. Clayton was awesome on keys. He was
watching everyone with great amusement. Jackie was giving those drums a good
pounding. He gets so into his drumming - he loves it! Mahalia sang Take Some Time
and Good Times with Jimmy.
It was so hot in there that Jimmy organised for water and beer to be handed out. The
water was warm and didn’t quench the thirst. But the beer was icy cold and hit the
spot! Refreshed we were ready to rock again. The set list had some old favourites and
some new - a great mix that everyone enjoyed.
The encore started off with a song not heard for a very long time, but one we’ve
wanted to hear - Too Much Aint Enough. Love, an awesome song. Nothing I Want
followed, and then the night finished with Do Or Die.
It was a brilliant night with a lot of fun had by all, Jimmy included. He was awesome
and kept us entertained all night with his quirky remarks between songs and with his
fantastic singing. What a voice!! But now it was time to drive back to Melbourne.
But after a great time the drive never seems so bad.


Driving Wheels
Love Is Enough
Rising Sun
Wheels In Motion
I'm Still On Your Side
No Second Prize
Resurrection Shuffle
Crawl Away And Die
Ride The Night Away
Gonna Take Some Time
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Lay Down Your Guns
Khe Sanh
Good Times
Working Class Man
Too Much Ain't Enough
You Got Nothing I Want
Do Or Die