Jimmy played at Robe Village Fair again this year. After last year we debated whether
to make the trip over or not - ok, it really wasn’t hard to decide - we were there. This
year he played on the Friday night and not the Saturday. Gates weren’t open til 5pm -
less time for them to sit in the sun drinking cider!
Mark Seymour was on first and was really good. Lets’ face it who doesn’t love Holy
Grail and Throw Your Arms Around Me?? The crowd got their singing voices
warmed up ready for Jimmy.
When he came on all hell broke loose and we had security jumping over the top of us.
Oh no, here we go again. But luckily it was sorted quickly and that was the last of the
trouble that we saw anyway!
It was a great atmosphere and the crowd got right into things. It was mainly a hits
night with quite a few Chisel songs in the set, which always pleases the fans at these
type of gigs. Jimmy did include his new song Crawl Away and Die. Also included
was Temptation and Wheels In Motion, which have both been resurrected from the
archives lately. Mahalia had not made the trip to Robe so the boys were on their own
on backing vocals. They are great singers and this was shown in the encore when they
sang The Weight with Nick, Jackie and Danny singing a verse each. With Mahalia not
there Nick got a chance to sing Good Times with Jimmy - an awesome version,
though Nick was a little lost when he broke a guitar string and it took awhile to
replace the guitar. It is great to see the band moving around the stage enjoying
themselves, having some fun and getting along well.
Goodbye finished off the night with Jimmy winding the band up faster and faster.
Don’t know how they keep up with him, but they do.
Jimmy was brilliant and it seems like he loves playing at Robe. He made mention that
he would be back next year. He enjoys the crowd going off to his music. He plays off
them, making for a better show. He had a joke or two between songs and his “how are
ya?” had everyone screaming their heads off in response. His voice is sounding great
and the way he delivers each song is unreal - he gets the fans in and keeps them there
through out the whole show. I believe people spend the whole weekend at Robe and
go to every show - no need to ask which one they enjoy the most!! (Although I hear
Jon Stevens put on a great one)
After an awesome night that ended way too quickly it was time for the drive back to
Adelaide. It was a long drive but we were on a high from the gig. Luckily this year we
remembered to fill up with petrol earlier on. I think most of us were nearly left short
last year.


Driving Wheels
You Got Nothing I Want
Love is Enough
Crawl Away and Die
Wheels in Motion
Rising Sun
I'm Still On Your Side
No Second Prize
Ride The Night Away
Resurrection Shuffle
Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Good Times
Working Class Man
The Weight