November 25-27th 2006 .... TWO NIGHTS AT THE GOV + AN ADDED BONUS

Had heard a lot about The Governor Hindmarsh, or ‘The Gov’ as it is known in
Adelaide. They get a lot of big acts, this was our first visit there and we loved it.
The stage is a semi circle and they had the boxes set at intervals around the stage. Not
enough space for 2 people between them - oh well we can fix that! And we did - now
we were up close and personal as it was a small, low stage.
Mahalia was support on both nights. She used Jimmy’s band - Jackie, Clayton, Danny
and Dario. They were all brilliant and Mahalia knows how to win over the crowd, like
her father she sings full of passion. The second night her bass player Ben joined the
band and Dario showed off his talent playing guitar for her for the first time, replacing
Danny. Unreal - looked like he as really enjoying himself. Maybe if Jimmy ever
needs a new guitarist he could put his hand up!! On the Monday night Tommy Boyce
joined them for Proud Mary. He was in town as Danny was unable to play with
Jimmy and Tommy was doing the second gig for him. As I’ve said before it is great to
have Danny back but Tommy is an excellent fill in. Great to have them both in
Saturday night was sold out and the place was packed in tight and there was a bit of
trouble around. Monday night was a bit more civil. It was not a sell out so wasn’t as
packed but the crowd still went off and had a good time. A lot had bought tickets that
day after enjoying Saturday so much. The first night some girls kept Jimmy, band and
crew amused flashing at them. Jimmy made comment that he had trouble getting the
attention of his crew!! At the start of the encore on Saturday night a fight started and
Jimmy kept the music going but didn’t start singing til it was sorted out. This wasn’t
the first fight for the night though, earlier when another started Jimmy invited them to
join him outside and said he remembered his first drink - good call Jimmy! There was
none of this on Monday, just a good time had by all.
The band were switched on both nights. Jackie hitting the drums with such energy
that he did himself another injury. Dario was out from behind his wedge and playing
to the crowd, sharing a joke or two with Danny. Clayton is from Adelaide and
enjoyed playing in his home town with friends and family there. Danny was on the
edge of the stage, and then out on the boxes - the girls loved it! Nick has played
Adelaide solo before and he had his own fans there and he is proving to be popular
with Jimmy fans too.
Tommy on Monday night was on the edge and on the boxes too, nearly knocking our
heads off in the process. Haha - all part of the fun! David Blight as also there on
harmonica both nights. He is always a welcome addition to the stage.
The set list was pretty similar both nights with slight variations. The first night when
Danny was there The Weight was included with the boys showing us how well they
sing. The second night was a long set with two encores, three songs in the first - Still
On Your Side, Wheels In Motion and Working Class Man. That was very different to
the usual encore. The second had two songs - Sit On My Knee, because it had been
forgotten, Followed by Goodbye to finish us off. Love it, long sets are the way to go,
the more songs the better!!
As always Jimmy was great. There was a lot of interaction with the crowd, lots of
laughs, and lots of smiles. I’m sure there were faces in the crowd he knew; he is an
Adelaide boy after all!!! He was enjoying being back in Adelaide and Adelaide were
enjoying him being there.
Hard to decide which was the best gig - maybe the second because it was longer, not
so pushy and less trouble. But then the first one was sold out and…….. Ok too hard,
both were awesome.
After the gigs Mahalia was at the merchandise desk selling her CD and signing them.
A great idea, her being there would have helped sales.
On the night between the two gigs Jon Stevens played at The Gov. We went along,
glad of something to do on a Sunday night in Adelaide, plus he is awesome. Imagine
our surprise when Jon announced he had a special guest and Jimmy came onto the
stage to sing Good Times with Jon. We were out of control - what a bonus!! Turned
out to be a great weekend, even though I was so sick and ended up at the doctors over
there. But that was better that any medicine he prescribed!!


Love and Hate
Rising Sun
Crawl Away and Die
Khe Sanh
Stone Cold
Lay Down Your Guns
Seven Days
No Second Prize
Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
Ride The Night Away
Gonna Take Some Time
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Driving Wheels
You Got Nothing I Want
Good Times
Resurrection Shuffle
I'm Still On Your Side
Wheels in Motion
Working Class Man
Sit on My Knee