December 01st 2006 .... BACK TO HORSHAM TOWN HALL

Well we were back on the road and back down to Horsham to the Town Hall where
Jimmy had played earlier this year. Last time the crowd were greeted by sniffer dogs
as the arrived, stopping some from getting in. This time though there was a Rave
party near Ballarat so the dogs were otherwise occupied,
There was a local band as support. These guys came second in the competition that
the last support band we saw here won. Not a bad prize - playing support for Jimmy!
They did two sets, one would have been sufficient.
We were well and truly ready for Jimmy when he eventually came on. Danny was
back and EJ joined Mahalia for this trip. But there was no Clayton; he is no longer
with the band. What the??? A bit of extra work for Danny on guitar to fill in for the
keys, he is quite capable of doing that. Jackie also had his keyboard set up next to his
drum kit so he could spin around and change instruments. A bit of multi-tasking for
him. Dario had his white dancing shoes on tonight and he moved right across the
stage to join Nick at his microphone. Nick loved it; he’s used to being on his own on
that side of the stage. It amused him. He shares a lot of jokes with Jimmy during the
gigs. The girls were grabbing at his leg wanting him to turn his guitar down so they
could hear Jimmy. Not much Nick could do about that when Jimmy always wants the
guitars louder, We didn’t have a problem with the sound, we could heard Jimmy fine.
Love And Hate was the first song of the night, followed by I’d Die To Be with You.
Jimmy’s introduction to Temptation - the songs about those adds on TV late at night -
‘call me’ gave everyone a good laugh. As well as Take Some Time Mahalia sang
Proud Mary. The fans get right into this song, everyone singing and rocking along to
it. Good Times was the last song of the main set. Resurrection Shuffle started the first
encore with Dario and Jackie leading the way. Love their work in this song. Working
Class Man was next and as Jimmy left the stage the band continued to play ending the
song in a big way. Nick throwing in a kick. Then they all returned for one last song -
The people of Horsham don’t have long to wait for Jimmy to return. During the show
he told us he would be back in March for a charity gig . It is great the
way Jimmy is always there to support a worthy cause. He has no hesitation in helping
out in such matters.
Horsham had turned it on again, another awesome night at the Town Hall. It was a
long trip home but some of us had to go to work in the morning. But it was so worth


Love And Hate
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Crawl Away and Die
Seven Days
I'm Still On Your Side
Lay Down Your Guns
Sit On My Knee
Ride The Night Away
Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
Gonna Take Some Time
Proud Mary
Flame Trees
Merry Go Round
Khe Sanh
Good Times
Resurrection Shuffle
Working Class Man