The next day after Horsham we were so tired, but after work headed back down the
same road we had travelled yesterday. This time though only as far as Ballarat, to the
Ballarat Woolshed. This was an interesting concept!
The venue was huge with tables up one end and the stage at the other end. Dinner was
for 500 people and it had sold out. 2000 tickets to the show were sold but I was told
they were expecting 3000 or more with tickets on sale at the door.
After enjoying a roast meal the race was on for front row – just made it!! The place
filled up pretty quickly and it was not possible to move anywhere without loosing
your spot. It was packed in tight all the way back.
Support was another local band, better than last night’s band. They had some good
covers thrown in. During their set an announcement was made. There was a problem
with the toilets; the guys were to go outside and all the toilets inside were now
‘Ladies’. Well that was a bit different.
The crowd were getting pretty impatient to see Jimmy. A lot thought he was on
straight away, just after doors. Not sure why they would think that! They were all
excited when he was spotted at the side of the stage during support. After trying,
unsuccessfully, to squeeze wheelchairs into the front row (there really was no room to
move) they put them all up on the side of the stage. Jimmy went and spoke to each of
them up there. I’m sure they appreciated that.
Then it was time for Jimmy to come on and rock the Woolshed. Love and Hate was
first and when the song was finished Jimmy checked they could hear him up the back.
It was such a long way back but by the sound of their response they could hear fine.
Security had moved in front of us - how rude blocking our view. Lucky though, he
moved over to the side and out of the way after a couple of songs. At the end of each
song some annoying guy kept yelling out for Khe Sanh. Finally Jimmy told him to
f… off. How painful when Jimmy has so many other good songs and like he wasn’t
going to play it. I can only remember one gig when he didn’t. It was quite a long set,
everyone in party mode and having fun. The band were getting into it, they have
adjusted well to no keys. So many of Jimmy’s songs feature keys but these guys are
good enough to make you not notice, well almost not notice! Jimmy was enjoying the
night, his singing was awesome. After so many gigs of late his voice was as powerful
as ever, no signs of tiring there. Stone Cold in the encore was fantastic.
It was a great night. It was packed, it was hot, there were a few problems but it was
awesome and we had a ball. as did everyone. The place was a total mess when
everyone started to leave. Wouldn’t like the job of cleaning up that! Time to hit the
road again and head back home.


Love And Hate
You Got Nothing I Want
Ride The Night Away
Resurrection Shuffle
I'm Still On Your Side
Seven Days
Wheels In Motion
Sit On My Knee
Crawl Away and Die
Lay Down Your Guns
No Second Prize
Merry Go Round
Gonna Take Some Time
Proud Mary
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Good Times
Working Class Man
Stone Cold
Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller