December 15th 2006 .... THIRD TIME AT TWIN TOWNS IN 2006

Back to Twin Towns for the third time this year - January, August and now
December. Love it here and it is always an awesome gig, without fail.
Normally at Twin Towns you don’t get support, but this time for the first time ever,
we did –- Mahalia. Can’t complain about that! The crowd loved her and she put on a
great show, with Jackie on drums, Danny on guitar and Ben on bass. Dario joined
them on guitar in Proud Mary.
I don’t believe tonight was sold out from what I was told, but it would have been close
to it. It was pretty full in there but we had space, well a little!
The band came on followed by Jimmy to loud screams and cheering. They burst into
Love and Hate then straight, into Seven Days. Next Jimmy introduced his new song
Crawl Away and Die and it was QLD’s turn to form an opinion on it. Once again the
song went down well with the fans. Think you’ve got a winner there Jimmy!
Everyone loves it.
There were no surprises in the set list; it was the standard one of late.
The band love playing here and it shows. They always have fun and put in a good
one. Danny had all his fans in front of him; lucky for them he and Nick had swapped
sides. Dario came up the front joining Nick at his microphone and having a laugh with
him. Jackie was great multi tasking on drums and keys. They all used the stage a lot
Danny moving right to the side past the big speakers and Dario moving right out past
the ones on the other side. Jimmy also moved right across the stage from way out one
side to way out the other side. He had little stories to tell, which had everyone
laughing, especially when he dedicated a love song to the couple he’d met earlier who
were celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary - Sit On My Knee. Nick was so
amused he sprayed a mouthful of beer everywhere.
Halfway through the night the crowd started complaining they couldn’t hear Jimmy.
What?? We were having no trouble. Jimmy organised for his wedges to be turned
around facing into the crowd. He asked “Is that loud enough?” It was very loud and
Nick’s guitar nearly blew us away - it was so loud. Our ears soon adjusted to the level
of loudness. The place was really rocking now.
Too quickly it was time for the encore. To start was The Weight and the boys were
showing us their singing talents - Danny, Jackie and Nick. No one was too sure what
Nick was singing but it gave Jimmy a laugh. What a shame Dario doesn’t get a turn.
Mahalia then sang Good Times with Jimmy. After that they all left the stage. But they
were back for one more - Goodbye.
It was an awesome night at Twin Towns once again. Can’t wait for tomorrow night’s


Love and Hate
Seven Days
Crawl Away And Die
Resurection Shuffle
I'm Still On Your Side
Lay Down Your Guns
Wheels In Motion
You Got Nothing I Want
No Second Prize
Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
Sit On My Knee
Gonna Take Some Time
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
The Weight
Good Times