January 16th 2007 .... BACK ON THE ROAD 2007 - YAMBA
We were planning on going up to Sydney for the Campbelltown and Shell Harbour
gigs, then at the last minute decided to go up earlier and go to Yamba and Coffs
Harbour too. A night on the internet and we were ready to go have some fun. Six
nights in six different places, 1700k of driving – a real road trip! After work on the
Monday night we flew to Sydney, picked up the hire car and drove three hours north
of Sydney to Bulahdelah. That cut the driving down to about five and a half hours the
following day to Yamba, which is between Coffs Harbour and Byron Bay.
Spent some time on the beach at Yamba before heading off to the gig. The crowd was
a bit slow in building and everyone stood up the back when they first came in. But by
the time Mahalia came on as support they had all moved forward. Once again Mahalia
kept the crowd entertained with her set. She had Jimmy’s band playing with her –
Danny, Dario and Stuart, the new keyboard player. On drums was Jordy, one of the
crew. Jordy used to play drums in a very popular Melbourne band – Crazyhaus and he
was having fun helping out Mahalia.
What a surprise we got when Jimmy and the band hit the stage, It was virtually a new
line up. We knew there would be a new drummer with Jackie heading overseas to
study drumming. His replacement is Yak Sherrit. I think everyone knows Yak, he
played with Jimmy for years and years. He left about 4 years ago. Yak is a great
drummer and it won’t take him long to settle back into things. Where was little Nicky
Barker though? Gone and replaced by Davey Lane, well Davey for a couple of gigs
then Tommy Boyce will be back. These two guys rock but I really did like Nick in the
band on rhythm guitar. Davey was a bit reserved tonight but it has been awhile since
he has played with Jimmy. On keys was Stuart Hunter. He has been playing with
Silverchair and he is a brilliant player, almost in the same league as Clayton. He did a
great job in Mahalia’s set on The Hand’s song. Thank goodness Danny was still there
on lead guitar and Dario was still there on bass. Danny has come along way on guitar
since he first played with Jimmy all those years ago. Dario has worked with a few
drummers in his time with the band, but he joined just after Yak left. I’m sure the two
of them will provide a tight rhythm section. It was great to see EJ here doing backing
vocals with Mahalia.
The guitars were certainly back and they were loud. Once again people complained to
Jimmy that they couldn’t hear him over them. He got the wedges turned around, much
to everyone’s delight.
The start of the year saw a different set list again. Time Will Tell, Used To The Truth
and Can’t Make Love Without A Soul made a return. Can’t Make Love is very
popular with the crowd. I like the inclusion of songs like the other two, which aren’t
‘hits’ as such. The Weight gave the boys a bit of attention with Danny, Davey and yes
at last, Dario singing a verse each. We know Danny is a great singer, but Dario
showed us he has a really good voice too. And Davey, well he was interesting, not
sure quite what words he was singing, but hey! EJ sang a song form her EP – Ease
Your Cold, she also played acoustic guitar for the song. Her EP is great and is on sale
after gigs along with Mahalia’s live EP. Both worth buying!
As for the main man - Jimmy, he was awesome. He has had so much on lately with all
the gigs in the lead up to Christmas, then his trip to New Zealand with all those gigs,
heaps of them in a short time. But he was still full on, putting everything into the gig
and his voice never faltering. The crowd love his banter with them between songs and
they love when he walks the stage grabbing hands. It makes the night all that more
Tonight in Yamba was a great night with everyone enjoying themselves. Looking
forward to Coffs Harbour tomorrow night.

Love And Hate
Time Will Tell
Lover Lover
Seven Days
Stone Cold
Used To The Truth
No Second Prize
Resurrection Shuffle
Can't Make Love Without A Soul
The Weight
Ease Your Cold (EJs song)
Lay Down Your Guns
Gonna Take Some Time w/Mahalia
Goodtimes w/Mahalia
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
Do or Die