January 17th 2007 .... THE COFFS HOTEL ROCKS

Last time we saw Jimmy at Coffs Harbour it was at The Plantation Hotel and it was
feral. I was literally picked up and thrown out of the way, vowed never to return -
haha, as if we wouldn’t if Jimmy played there again!! Luckily though this time he was
at The Coffs Hotel and it was a whole lot better. There was a bit of trouble but
nothing in comparison and it was awesome!!
Mahalia was support and the fans were getting into her music, especially Proud Mary.
Support for Jimmy is a tough act, but once people realise who she is they take note
and enjoy her.
Coffs was a much better gig than last night at Yamba. It had a much better vibe to it.
Jimmy looked like he was enjoying himself and the band did too. Davey had a cracker
tonight and for the first time, I think, he worked with Danny and the others. Dario
joined him at the microphone a couple of times and at one point he was on the barrier
at one end of the stage and Danny was on it at the other end. There were windmill
arms, guitar in the air and he was hopping along with one leg in the air, but there were
no scissor kicks! Danny, I reckon, loves having someone on stage to compete with.
He used to do it with Dave Leslie; it brings out the best in him. The way the stage is
set up now Dario is stuck up the back a bit. He’s not letting that stop him though and
still ventures down the front now and again. He loves having a bit of a sing in The
Weight. I am impressed with Stuart, let’s face it Clayton is one hell of a keyboard
player, Stu had big shoes to fill but he is certainly delivering the goods. Yak looks
rapt to be back with Jimmy and is having fun. EJ again played acoustic guitar and
sang her solo song - Ease Your Cold. It is a great idea to have both her and Mahalia at
the merchandise desk after the gigs selling their CD’s with the other merchandise and
meeting the fans.
The set list was changed around from last night. Lay Dow Your Guns was a surprise
start to the night. Love having Driving Wheels in there with Danny’s outstanding
guitar work and love Stone Cold too, when that scream of Jimmy’s sends shivers
down your spine. Mahalia joined Jimmy in Take Some Time and Good Times. The
encore tonight was awesome. Sweet Little Rock N Roller really gets the crowd going
and they have fun with it on stage. The last song, Do Or Die is another favourite,
especially when Jimmy throws in a punch!
Once again Jimmy had captured the audience and had the place rocking with his
voice filling the venue, (which was small and very ,very hot) He is such an awesome
singer and he always gives the crowd what they want. No one leaves disappointed.
Had the best time in Coffs, a much better experience than our last visit there.


Love And Hate
Resurrection Shuffle
Lover Lover
Stone Cold
Too Much Ain't Enough
No Second Prize
Merry Go Round
Ease Your Cold (EJs song)
The Weight
Gonna Take Some Time (w/ Mahalia)
Can't Make Love Without A Soul
Good Times w/Mahalia
Driving Wheels
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
Do or Die