January 19th 2007 .... BACK TO SYDNEY - CAMPBELLTOWN
Had a day of rest in between the Coffs Harbour and Campbelltown gigs. Spent the
day on the beach and at the Dolphin Park at Coffs, an unreal place where you get to
play with dolphins. We headed back down south as far as Terrigal for the night. After
a morning on the beach we were off to Campbelltown arriving in time for the gig.
We’d had enough rest and were ready for more Jimmy!
This gig was sold out about six weeks beforehand – unreal! They were anxious and
ready to rock in Campbelltown. It was our first time to the Catholic Club and we
weren’t sure what to expect as we’d been told it was pretty rough. It wasn’t, it was
fine. When I say that I mean around us, not sure what goes on up the back, my eyes
are fixed on the stage!
Mahalia started the night off with a couple of changes to her band, she had her
drummer from Sydney and she had Ben Rodgers on bass. There were a lot of screams
for her and the people were getting into her rootsy style of music.
The screams were deafening when Jimmy took to the stage and he launched in to
Love and Hate with the band. Tommy was back, Davey gone. We were a bit
disappointed in Tommy tonight; he was not his usual self and was concentrating way
too hard. Not necessarily a bad thing but we like to see him let loose. But hey, it’s his
first one back, give him a chance!!! Danny did let loose though and he put in a good
one. As did Dario, foot up on the wedge and shaking his hair. Stuart was getting into
things, arms in the air clapping along to songs. Yak has not forgotten the songs he
drummed away to for all those years. He sings along to them as he gives the drums a
pounding. EJ was here again on backing vocals with Mahalia. The two of them do a
great job singing back up for their dad. EJ sang her song Ease Your Cold and Mahalia
sang Take Some Time and Good Times with Jimmy. EJ has such a soft voice where
as Mahalia’s is so powerful – wonder where she gets that from!!
Jimmy had some fun with the crowd and gave us a laugh when he said “ I hope you
are all behaving like good little Catholics, hahaha I’m a Buddhist” It was quite a
young crowd and they were quite taken by Danny, especially in Mahalia’s set, asking
her what his name was. They got a bit distracted by Jimmy once he came on though.
He is the main attraction after all!
It was a good night but we were surprised when it finished on Good Times.
Something a bit different, but we were waiting for him to come back for a second
encore of Goodbye. But it was not to be.

Love And Hate
Wheels In Motion
Seven Days
Resurrection Shuffle
Stone Cold
No Second Prize
Too Much Ain't Enough
Lover Lover
Can't Make Love Without A Soul
The Weight
Ease Your Cold (EJs song)
Gonna Take Some Time w/Mahalia
Lay Down Your Guns
Driving Wheels
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
Good Times w/Mahalia