January 20th 2007 .... SHELLY'S - THE BEST
    What a shock this week had in store for us and all Jimmy fans. The news broke that
Jimmy is to have open heart surgery next month. Being at the gigs you would never
pick up on anything being not right with Jimmy. He was singing as good as ever,
putting in as much as ever and was as awesome as ever. He was looking fit and
healthy too. What a great effort from Jimmy when there must be so much on his mind.
Of all the concerts this week Shelly’s would have to have been the best. This venue
always provides a great night and they certainly do love Jimmy in Shell Harbour. The
place was packed, although they were a little slow in coming forward. But they soon
moved when Mahalia came on stage with her band and sang a few tunes. Once Jimmy
came on, look out. The fans went wild and the pushing and the shoving started. There
were arms reaching over the top of us all night trying to grab Jimmy’s hand. Of
course Jimmy obliged, walking up and down the stage touching many hands, keeping
everyone happy. Notes were passed to him, clothes thrown on stage and Jimmy was
loving it.
The band were awesome. Tommy back to his usual enthusiastic self, singing along to
all the songs and getting into things with Danny. The competition was on; Danny was
on the barricade playing some brilliant guitar. Not to be outdone Tommy did the same
and at one point was rolling around the stage whilst playing. Both however did step
back a little when the other was having his solo turn. Dario joined them up the front,
he wasn’t being left out by being up the back, I’m sure if Yak and Stuart would be in
on the act too if they weren’t seated. EJ was not here tonight so Ben joined Mahalia,
both in matching tops, on backing vocals. When she sang Take Some Time he came
down the front with her to play acoustic guitar. He is left handed so playing guitar
upside down was interesting to watch. Jimmy was having fun with the crowd, he was
in a great mood and really enjoying himself, as were we.
The set list was changed once again, not too much but enough to vary it from the
others. First was Love and Hate, followed by I’d Die to Be With You. Dario, Danny
and Tommy joined Jimmy in The Weight, singing a verse each. These guys get the
words right , unlike some before them– haha!
And what an awesome two encores – Seven days and Sweet Little Rock N Roller
were the first encore. When they came back for the second Jimmy told us he didn’t
think the band had been posing enough!! That was it – they were strutting their stuff
in a fantastic version of Goodbye with Danny taking the lead on guitar. It got a bit
hard to keep up with them all!
Well it was another awesome night in Shell Harbour. This trip was well worth making
- fantastic gigs, great weather, great beaches – a fun time had all round. Really didn’t
want to go home but had to go back to work on Monday. The two gigs after this,
Rooty Hill and Nowra were cancelled; Jimmy needed some rest, his health the most
important thing here. He has been non stop for the last few months and there are more
gigs coming up in Melbourne next weekend. Some action back home - bring them on!!

Love And Hate
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Wheels In Motion
Lover Lover
Resurrection Shuffle
Stone Cold
Lay Down Your Guns
Ride The Night Away
No Second Prize
Merry Go Round
Can't Make Love Without A Soul
The Weight
Gonna Take Some Time w/Mahalia
Good Times w/Mahalia
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
Seven Days
Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller