Back to Melbourne and back to a gig close to home. Great, but it’s not quite the same
when you have to go to work beforehand. Jimmy has played at The Shoppingtown a
few times and he is very popular here, not sure if it was a sell out tonight but a large
crowd gathered to see him perform.
Mahalia started the night off getting the fans warmed up. Proud Mary once again
proved to be very popular and is a great song to finish on, getting the crowd ready for
And he did not disappoint. The band was the same as last week, (well you never
know, there’s been a few changes of late) Danny Spencer, Tommy Boyce, Dario
Bortolin, Stuart Hunter, Yak Sherrit with Mahalia Barnes and Ben Rodgers on
backing vocals - a great combination.
Tonight there would be no complaints of not being able to hear Jimmy. There were
wedges facing outwards, projecting Jimmy’s voice out into the crowd. And the guitars
were not quite as loud.
The front row was full of regulars from the website. Seems like ages since there was a
big group from there together at a gig enjoying Jimmy.
The set list included all the favourites. Merry Go Round was awesome with Stuart
brilliant on keys, Driving Wheels with Danny’s amazing guitar work was another that
was fantastic as was Resurrection Shuffle with Dario leading the way on bass.
Everyone loves The Weight and it gives the boys a chance to show off their great
singing talents. Is there a better song than Stone Cold to highlight Jimmy’s awesome
voice? I don’t think so.
In the second encore, which was Goodbye, Pete Lawler, took the bass form Dario and
joined the band for the song. Dario was not to be left out, and neither he should be. He
picked up the acoustic guitar and played that. He got to have the freedom to move
about the stage and have some fun with the boys, joining Danny and Tommy at their
microphones Fun was had by all!
We had experienced another fantastic gig, not quite up to Shelly’s standards, but
awesome just the same Let’s face it when is a gig not brilliant and when do you not
have the best time - it just doesn’t happen.
The following night there was no Jimmy gig so we headed to Capers to see Jon
Stevens . Disappointed there was no special guest tonight like at The Gov, in
Adelaide, when Jimmy dropped by and had a sing with Jon. Not this time, but it was a
great gig all the same.

Love And Hate
Wheels In Motion
Seven Days
Merry Go Round
Stone Cold
Lay Down Your Guns
No Second Prize
Lover Lover
Can't Make Love Without A Soul
The Weight
Driving Wheels
Gonna Take Some Time w/Mahalia
Resurrection Shuffle
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
Goodtimes w/Mahalia