January 27th 2007 .... CHELSEA HEIGHTS
    Another trip to Chelsea Heights, which is proving to be a very popular venue for
Jimmy. It was another sell out – fantastic
No messing around here, everyone came straight to the front to wait for Jimmy.
Mahalia’s set was great and you could tell from this it was going to be an awesome
night. Yak played drums for her tonight joining Danny, Stuart and Ben. In Proud
Mary Tommy joined in on guitar and Dario and Mahalia’s friend, Alex joined in on
backing vocals. Dario was having fun, getting into it and adding some dance moves.
Was very funny when he had the arms going in a rolling motion each time ‘rolling’
was sung.
The mood was set by the time Jimmy came on, everyone was in for a great time. It
was the last pub gig for awhile so we were going to make the most of it.
The set was a long one, which is always a good thing! Driving Wheels was first, my
favourite start to a gig. Another one I love to see included is Still on Your Side and it
was great, (for many people memories surround this song.) Too Much Ain’t Enough
is an awesome song and should be in the set all the time. Jimmy has been mixing up
the set list up of each gig lately and that’s what we like, the more songs we get to hear
live the better! I’m sure Walk On will make it soon, once the band learn it. (So guys
get to it – haha!!!) The popular songs like Flame Trees, Khe Sanh and Working Class
Man had everyone singing along with Jimmy.
He was in such a good mood and provided lots of banter with the crowd between
songs. His quick wit giving us a laugh, his singing keeping us in awe of that amazing
The band were also in great moods and they too looked to be having a fun time.
Tommy was singing along to the songs, full of enthusiasm. Yak, too, was singing
Danny had his arms up clapping along to the songs, as did Stuart. Dario had his up
swaying along to Flame Trees. It adds to the atmosphere to see the band getting into it
and enjoying themselves. There was a lot of interaction between each other and with
Jimmy and Mahalia too – awesome!
Stone Cold started the encore – brilliant. Then Sweet Little Rock N Roller followed
by Good Times, which left the fans screaming for a second. And we weren’t
disappointed. Danny came back and started us off on guitar for Goodbye. Tommy was
rolling around the stage on his back at one point and Jimmy gave us those screams
that we all love. Everyone let loose in this song moving about the stage, having fun as
the pace picked up - love it!!
What a night at Chelsea Height, this was one of those nights that are a little more
special, it’s going to be a long wait til the next one.

Driving Wheels
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Lover Lover
No Second Prize
Wheels In Motion
I'm Still On Your Side
Lay Down Your Guns
Too Much Ain't Enough Love
Seven Days
Resurrection Shuffle
Can't Make Love Without A Soul
The Weight
Gonna Take Some Time w/ Mahalia
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
Stone Cold
Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
Goodtimes w/ Mahalia