July 15th 2007 .... HE'S BACK - SWAN HILL TOWN HALL
    We had waited so long for this gig, 6 months in fact. It was Jimmy’s return gig after
open heart surgery. He had done a couple of gigs earlier which resulted in him ending
up back in hospital. But now he was well and ready to go. And so were we and we
were so excited on the trip to Swan Hill.
The Town Hall was a great venue with seating upstairs and standing downstairs. It
was an all ages gig and kids were supposed to be upstairs only, but there were quite a
few downstairs too and they were having as much fun as their parents.
Mahalia started the night off with an acoustic set. She had Ben on guitar and Elly-May
on backing vocals. Elly has grown up so much since we last saw her It’s great to
see her back home after her time in England. It was only a short set but got the crowd
warmed up.
The excitement built as the crowd waited for Jimmy to appear, the chant started
“Barnesy, Barnesy, Barnesy” And then he was there in front of us all, and raring to
go. This is what we have been hanging out to see - Jimmy back on stage again. It was
great to see the band back too, with just a couple of changes. Back was Dario – bass,
Danny – guitar, Tommy – guitar. Jackie’s home form Berklee and back on drums and
after five years Lachie Doley is back on keys. Lachie is Clayton’s brother, he is also
touring with Powderfinger and he rocks! Mahalia now had some help on backing
vocals in Elly and Ben, who is also playing a bit of acoustic guitar.
Flame Trees was first up, an acoustic version of the song. It was a different way to
start the night, but I quite liked it. Jimmy introduced one of his new songs ‘Out Of The
Blue.’ What a great song, and an emotional song. Can’t wait for the album if that song
is anything to go by. A song out of the archives played for the first time live was
‘Never Give You Up’ Love this song, it was actually released as a single around the
time of Hits, but didn’t do anything. Don’t understand that! Knew I’d heard the song
before and sure enough I found the single in my collection. ‘When Your Love Is
Gone’ found its way back into the set after so many years. That was a winning move,
such a popular song. It had the fans singing along loudly. AWESOME!
It was a great mixture of songs – fast, slow, old and new. Good Times and Do Or Die
finished the night off with one hell of an encore.
It was a great atmosphere in the Town Hall, on and off the stage. The crowd were
well behaved, no pushing and shoving or fighting just having fun. On stage the guys
were really enjoying themselves too; glad to be back with Jimmy. He is just so
amazing there was no holding back for him, you would never have know what he has
been through these last few months. He is sounding strong and loud. He worked the
crowd well and was awesome. Everyone was so happy to see back up on stage doing
what he loves best. I reckon he’s missed it just as much as us. And as he gets fitter,
the shows will get even better – lucky us!!!

Flame Trees
Can't Make Love Without A Soul
Out Of The Blue (new song, first live performance)
Never Give You Up (first live performance)
Love And Hate
No Second Prize
Rising Sun
When Your Love Is Gone (first time in over ten years)
Lay Down Your Guns
Choir Girl
Gonna Take Some Time
Proud Mary
Driving Wheels
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
Good Times
Do Or Die