The Palms is a great venue to see Jimmy if you like to sit back and enjoy his music.
Personally I’d rather be up out of my seat getting into it. But all the same this was a
fantastic night and everyone had a ball.
Mahalia was on first with Elly and Ben. Their acoustic set really suited the venue and
the crowd were enjoying it immensely. She included a couple if new songs, which
will be on her soon to be released album. Keep your eyes open for that! Did anyone
see Australia’s Got Talent? It was won by 12 year old Bonnie; she joined the guys on
stage and sang a song with Elly. She has an amazing voice and is so full of confidence
for a 12 year old.
Once Mahalia had finished there was time for a quick dash out to get a drink - at least
you don’t lose your spot at these seated gigs!
Not too long before Jimmy and the band appeared on stage to much applause and
screaming. The set started slowly and built up. Flame Trees, Can’t Make Love then
Out of The Blue, Still On Your Side, Never Give You Up - the crowd liked this song
lots and they loved When Your Love Is Gone, the intro brought many squeals of
delight! Daylight is another oldie not heard for many years. Choir Girl was sung
brilliantly by Jimmy and this was extremely popular. Merry Go Round and Rising
Sun had us on the edge of our seats, so wanting to get up, but we knew security would
be straight onto us. At least tonight, though, there was no drama in us taking photos.
The crowd were getting right into Jimmy, yelling out questions to him all the time. He
answered a few as he told his stories between songs. He was a lot stronger tonight
after getting through his first gig the other night... He’s not sweating nearly as much
as he used to and he’s putting everything into each song and doing great. His voice is
so awesome and I reckon it is sounding better than ever (if that’s possible)
The band were great too, all that much better after having one under their belts. In
front of us were some steps up to the stage. I had been wondering how long it was
going to take before someone was going to head up them - well it took a little longer
than I thought. When the guys came back on for encore, one girl, who had been
asking Jimmy for a photo all night, decided the time was now, and she headed up
those steps and grabbed Jimmy. The show stopped as Jimmy laughed and obliged.
Just a pity her friend couldn’t work the camera and it took a few goes. plus a few
more cameras to take the shot.. Once taken it was on with The Weight, with Tommy,
Jackie and Danny joining Jimmy, with a verse each. Another girl then ran up the stairs
for a hug. She was back down with out too much fuss.
An awesome Driving Wheels was the finishing song and Jimmy left the stage to
thunderous applause and he left everyone wanting more, hoping he’d be back with
one more! But no, it was over and eventually the place cleaned out. What a brilliant
night, loved it! We’d had the best time.
Afterwards it was great to see Mahalia, Jackie and Elly selling merchandise, making
great sales too, I might add!! Such a shame the night had to end.

Flame Trees
Can't Make Love Without A Soul
Out Of The Blue (new song)
I'm Still On Your Side
Never Give You Up
Resurrection Shuffle
No Second Prize
Rising Sun
When Your Love Is Gone
Lay Down Your Guns
Choir Girl
Gonna Take Some Time
Proud Mary
Merry Go Round
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Khe Sanh
Good Times
Working Class Man
The Weight
Driving Wheels