July 21st 2007 .... ONE IS BETTER THEN NONE - HOBART
    Was really disappointed that of the two Tassie gigs, Launceston was the one that was
cancelled but the Country Club is a small venue and Wrestpoint Casino in Hobart
much larger (which was needed)
It was another venue that had seating up the back. Last time I was here that section
was closed off, but tonight it was opened up to let more people in to see Jimmy. I
believe there were a few seats for sale on the night but the standing room was totally
sold out. It was huge and people had travelled from all over to catch Jimmy’s only
Tassie gig. And they were most certainly not disappointed and were in for a treat!
Mahalia was support getting everyone into the swing of things. Unfortunately a fight
started in the crowd, when Elly took over the leads vocals. Bad timing! But it didn’t
faze Elly who kept on singing. She has always been a favourite amongst the crowd.
Her voice is not as powerful as Mahalia’s but not quite as soft as EJ’s. Mahalia has
some great songs in her set, I love Ain’t Nobody Else, written by Clayton Doley.
The packed out Tasman Room was ready for Jimmy to come on. Down the front no
one dared move from their spot for fear of not getting back, the place was so packed.
An excited crowd screamed and cheered loudly as Jimmy strode onto the stage and
Flame Trees got us started. He told us there would be a few slow songs, some new
songs and then he would build up to some faster songs. This type of venue allowed
him to do this, rather than the pubs where he is expected to be full on from start to
finish. It gives you a chance to appreciate his singing and awesome voice and also to
hear how great the band are. Jimmy is lucky to have these guys back after his break.
Danny is a brilliant guitar player and thank goodness the Rogue Traders have not
taken him away from us. Dario is loving being back on stage with Jimmy, moving
around and joining Tommy and Danny up the front, getting right into it. Tommy gets
on the edge of the stage and gives it his all, he doesn’t mind a bit of a sing-a-long
either, singing along with the crowd. Lachie is fantastic; he goes off and just love him
being back in the band. When he’s not pounding the keys he is singing and clapping
along. Must be a change for him playing with a sober Jimmy!! It’s great to see Jackie
back on drums; he has improved heaps since being away at Berklee. School is
definitely paying off for him. His drum kit is so massive now you can hardly see him.
Mahalia and Elly are doing a great job on backing vocals; Elly’s voice is getting so
much stronger. Ben has joined the girls up the back and is playing a bit of acoustic
guitar through out the set. Mahalia sang Take Some Time and Good Times with
Jimmy, and sang her excellent version of Proud Mary, which the crowd really enjoy.
There was lots of laughter and smiles from Jimmy, he’s having fun up there and must
be very relieved that he’s going so well with the gigs. Just don’t over do it Jimmy!!
With the change in songs comes new stories, amusing us all and giving us a laugh. He
moved across the big stage taking the crowd on his every move.
It was a brilliant night in Tassie, with the packed out crowd of nearly 2000 loving
every minute. I reckon the bars in the Casino that night would have made a huge
profit with everyone partying on once the show was over.

Flame Trees
Can't Make Love Without A Soul
Out Of The Blue (new song)
I'm Still On Your Side
Never Give You Up
Resurrection Shuffle
No Second Prize
Rising Sun
When Your Love Is Gone
Lay Down Your Guns
Choir Girl
Gonna Take Some Time
Proud Mary
Merry Go Round
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
Driving Wheels
Good Times