Made the journey from Twin Towns to Narrabri on the day between gigs. It was a
long 8 hour drive, but with memories of a great gig last night and the ipod turned up,
it wasn’t too bad.
The town was alive on Saturday morning with Jimmy being played loudly in all the
shops and everyone talking excitedly about him being in town tonight. The record
shop had memorabilia for sale filling their windows. I’d say Jimmy playing in
Narrabri was the biggest thing to happen in town for awhile!
Back at the hotel, the bar had opened early and many guests were sitting in the car
park starting on the beer and bundies before lunch. Looks like everyone was in for a
big night!
The Crossing Theatre was the place to be. It was a great venue and it was big, I think
there were about 2000 people expected there, people were travelling from all over.
Mahalia’s set went down well and surprised a lot of people who were still
remembering the Tin Lids.
The whole place went off when Jimmy came onto the stage with the band and started
up with Flame Trees. No one expected him to start with this and it took a minute to
register, then the screams started. Out Of The Blue was well accepted, with everyone
being rapt to hear new songs. Never Give You Up is like a new song to most and it is
a real catchy song and everyone enjoys it. It doesn’t take Jimmy long to break into the
fast songs and all the old favourites. The Chisel songs were extremely popular, no
surprise there! There was no trouble in the crowd, that we could see and it was like a
big party. Everyone there to have fun, enjoy the music and rock out to JIMMY
BARNES!!!!! They sang loud and had a really good time. We even had room to move
down the front, which was unusual, but nice for a change. It was a great atmosphere
in the venue and it rubbed off on Jimmy and the band. There was lots of banter with
the fans from Jimmy. He had laughs and smiles and funny stories for all to enjoy.
It was Lachie’s last gig before he goes off on tour with Powderfinger and he was
fantastic. We will miss his energy on stage while he is gone. The band at the moment
is at it’s best. Dario is awesome on bass, Tommy is very rock in his guitar playing and
it works well with Danny’s more bluesy style. Jackie loves being on the road with his
dad and works so hard on those drums. Mahalia has been doing backing vocals for
Jimmy for so long she’s knows it inside and out and is now passing this on to Elly,
guiding her along the way. All were in fine form in Narrabri.
It really was an awesome night with Jimmy at his best. Narrabri may be in the middle
of nowhere but it sure knows how to have fun – and the locals have great taste in
music. They’d all be hoping for Jimmy to return soon.
For us it was the 7 hour drive back to Sydney for our flight home to Melbourne to
then head straight from the airport to Nick Barker’s gig in Fitzroy.
What a weekend!

Flame Trees
Can't Make Love Without A Soul
Out Of The Blue
I'm Still On Your Side
The Weight
Ride The Night Away
Lay Down Your Guns
No Second Prize
Rising Sun
Resurrection Shuffle
Merry Go Round
Gonna Take Some Time
Proud Mary
Choir Girl
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
When Your Love Is Gone
Driving Wheels
Good Times