Rocking the goldfields was the name of these couple of gigs – and the Goldfields sure
did rock. First, we were back to the Woolshed in Ballarat. There had been a few
changes since we Jimmy played here last - no dinner beforehand, the place looked
smaller, the stage looked smaller (I’m sure they were smaller) and the toilets worked!!
As the place filled up in readiness to rock, Mahalia and EJ were at the merchandise
desk selling the new t-shirts –and there was heaps of them, all new stock and all
different styles.
The Choir Boys started the night off with a small acoustic set. They got the crowd
going with everyone singing loudly to the popular Run To Paradise. When I hear this
song I have visions of David Campbell singing this on the Footy Show, back in his
rock days!!
Diesel followed after a bit of stuffing around with the sound. He had his band there
tonight – Richie Vez on bass, Lee Maloney on drums and EJ Barnes on backing
vocals. Diesel’s son Jesse got up and joined EJ and he looked to be having a lot of fun
up there with his cousin! Diesel went off, good to see him making the most of the big
stage. He ran, jumped, slid and was on his knees across the stage from one side to the
other, never faltering in his guitar playing all the way. He played all the old favourites
and was awesome.
But Jimmy was who most had come to se and when he came on the place went crazy.
He has such a wide range of fans – all sorts, old and young, and all just love him.
There were a couple of changes in the band – no Danny for these gigs; he’s doing the Countdown shows with Richard Clapton. In his place was Davey Lane. It’s great that
Davey can fill in when needed. Lachie wasn’t there either; he’s touring with
Powderfinger at the moment. In his place was Tony Featherstone from The Badloves.
The set list was virtually the same as the other gigs a few weeks ago, with the slow
start of Flame Trees – acoustic, then Can’t Make Love Without A Soul. Jimmy
stopped to say hi and to introduce the song he wrote while he was ‘lying in bed
bleeding for 6 months’ – Out Of The Blue. He then opened his shirt to show everyone
his new scar! It is hard to introduce new songs into the set when the crowd wants to
hear all the oldies, but Jimmy manages to do it so well. He gets everyone’s attention
with his story so they are all ready to take note of the song and are getting to know the
chorus at least! He followed it with the very popular Still On Your Side; anyone who
may have strayed was fully focused again. Tommy, Jackie and Davey sang The
Weight with him and you can really notice Jackie’s improvement here with his
singing. Sweet Little Rock N Roller provided a bit of fun in the encore, Jimmy and
the band looked like they really enjoy this song. We certainly do.
They were all having a good time and Davey was entertaining us with his kicks,
windmill arms and antics. Dario was in a playful mood and moved around the stage
joining other band members at their mikes and having a laugh with the crowd.
Tommy had a good one and was down on the ground playing at the end. Tony, for his
first gig, did a great job on keys, there were a few clangers, but he did well for
someone who had not practised with the band before today. All the kids were there
tonight – Jackie giving the drums a beating, Mahalia, EJ and Elly on backing vocals.
The girls were joined by Ben and also Bonnie, who Jimmy said they’d adopted as she
was such a good singer.
Jimmy was awesome again. He feeds off the audience and when they are going off
and getting involved in the songs, he can’t keep the smile off his face and the banter
with them increases. This is what it was like tonight.
The sound was not the best, the guitars a little loud and at times it was a bit hard to
see on stage through the smoke and lighting, but it was an unreal night. We enjoyed it immensely and Ballarat rocked. Awesome!!

Flame Trees
Can't Make Love Without A Soul
Out Of The Blue (new song)
I'm Still On Your Side
The Weight
Ride The Night Away
Lay Down Your Guns
No Second Prize
Rising Sun
Resurrection Shuffle
Merry Go Round
Gonna Take Some Time
Proud Mary
Choir Girl
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller