August 18th 2007 .... SCHWEPPES CENTRE - BENDIGO
    Bendigo Schweppes Centre was a great venue for a gig. It was huge, a basketball
court, so there was seating around the sides and a huge mosh pit!! More tickets were
sold than last night, which was around 1700, I think. There was no drinking and no
smoking inside the venue, so the crowd took awhile to fill the place as there was a bar
The Choir Boys had some fans yelling for them, but they also had to put up with some
yelling for Jimmy to come on – so disrespectful! But they didn’t let it bother them and
shut them up with Run To Paradise, which had everyone joining in.
Diesel put on another great one, using the big stage to the max. He is one hell of a
guitarist and gets so into his music whilst performing. He encouraged the crowd to
sing along. Lee and Ritchie do well to keep up with him, they’ve been with him
awhile so guess they are used to it. It was good to be able to hear EJ’s voice on
backing vocals; she gets a bit drowned out with Jimmy.
A quick change over, then Jimmy burst onto the stage full of energy. No slow starts
tonight, it was straight into Love and Hate! He had the microphone stand in the air
and was tossing it around like we’ve not seen in years. He was like a man possessed,
it brought back memories – now where are those black leather pants??? It was a full
on set list that kept the crowd going. There were a couple of slower songs thrown into
the mix of No Second Prize, Rising Sun, Merry Go Round, Resurrection Shuffle and
Lay Down Your Guns. The slow ones were old favs, that everyone knew – Still On
Your Side, The Weight, Flame Trees and Choir Girl. The fans were excited to hear
the new song Out Of The Blue, with everyone hanging out for new material from him
as popular as his old stuff is.
The crowd were quite well behaved from what I could see. One good thing about no
alcohol was the number of rowdy drunks was limited, so everyone could enjoy
Jimmy. Someone threw a towel onto the stage, Jimmy caught it and threw it back,
laughing his head off, quite impressed by his catch, he was!!!
It was a bit of a sad night though. We were loosing some of the band, it was their last
gig. Davey Lane is off to join Crowded House, Jackie is heading back to Berklee and
EJ is back to London. Good luck to them all, but we will miss them heaps.
Unfortunately there was a curfew at the Schweppes Centre and Jimmy had to be off
the stage by 12 – how rude, we weren’t ready to finish yet! But the encore was just
one song – Good Times and then it was over – til next time. The Rocking The
Goldfields concerts were a great success, hope there are some more gigs like this in
the near future!!

Love And Hate
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
No Second Prize
Rising Sun
I'm Still On Your Side
Lay Down Your Guns
Out Of The Blue
Ride The Night Away
The Weight
Flame Trees
Resurrection Shuffle
Merry Go Round
Gonna Take Some Time
Choir Girl
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
Good Times