September 18th 2007 .... RETURN TO THE HALLAM
    How long has it been since Jimmy last played at The Hallam?? Must be at least 5-6
years, he’s not played here straight that’s for sure. There are many stories from the old
days at The Hallam. I remember probably the last time he played here where he got
the crowd sitting up on the stage passing round the vodka bottle. Another where a
pushy woman got to the front by stomping her high heels into everyone’s feet - “f….
off” he signed across her chest - hahaha - that sent he back where she belonged! I
could go on but….. Back to the present, it was a bit different this time. The venue has
been renovated and was not nearly as feral as it previously was - maybe because it
was a Tuesday night!
It was a sell out and the venue filled up quickly once the doors opened. Support was a
young rock band, Famous By Association. It’s a huge job supporting Jimmy,
especially in places like this, but they did really well, had the crowd singing along and
everyone enjoyed them. There was none of the usual shouts for Jimmy during their set
(well maybe one), so that is a good sign.
Jimmy came on with his band and it was straight in to a full on rock gig with Lay
Down Your Guns to kick us off. Seven Days followed and was fantastic. The set list
was different from the last time with a few welcome additions. Apart from Seven
Days, there was Going Down Alone, Sit On My Knee, Wheels In Motion and the
surprise inclusion from the archives - Boys Cry Out For War, awesome to have this
oldie thrown in! Good Times was stripped back and Jimmy sang this alone. Loved
hearing this version of the song - revamped it a bit. With the new single just about
due for release I thought Out In The Blue would have been there, but not this time.
The band was a different line up, with a couple of changes. On bass was Dario
Bortolin, Tommy Boyce was on guitar and Tony Featherstone on keys - no change
there. But with Jackie gone back to the States, Yak Sherritt was back on drums again
and joining the band for the first time was Pete Satchell from Dallas Crane, an
interesting choice in guitarists. He was really good and fitted in quite well. (I do hope
Danny returns though) Mahalia was not there so Elly did backing vocals on her own
and what a big job it was for her, she did really well. Kate Alexa jumped up to join
her for a couple of songs.
It was quite warm in there and Jimmy organised drinks for those of us up the front
that couldn’t get to the bar. One of the crew handed out beer, bourbons and water.
Jimmy decided to help out and as he leant forward he fell off the stage. Lucky he
didn’t hurt himself, he had a laugh and kept singing, but he gave us all a scare. It was
a bit of a concern when Tommy jumped over the gap and onto the speakers, if anyone
was going to fall down a hole it would be Tommy. But he was fine!
The crowd were into it from the word go and bras were being thrown on stage all
night. Some were hung by Jimmy on the band’s microphone stands. He told them to
take a ticket and pick them up at the end of the night. One girl was there to claim hers
as he came back on for the encore. There was a bit of a bitch fight happening at one
point but security were onto it quickly and nothing eventuated.
It was a top night at The Hallam. As feral as it was Jimmy always put on a good one
here, tonight was no exception. Glad to see some things haven’t changed!! Whilst the
gigs of late have been fantastic, I have to admit I prefer these smaller, more intimate

Lay Down Your Guns
Seven Days
Love And Hate
Going Down Alone
Rising Sun
I'm Still On Your Side
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Choir Girl
Sit On My Knee
Wheels In Motion
No Second Prize
Ride The Night Away
Boys Cry Out For War
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Good Times
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
The Weight
Resurrection Shuffle