September 22nd 2007 .... TINNY MUSIC FESTIVAL - TINGOORA
    Our next venture was to the Tinny Music Festival in Tingoora, QLD. With dodgy
directions it took us nearly five hours to get there from Brisbane, ok we did get lost
getting out of Brisbane and stopped for lunch, but………….
There was no accommodation anywhere near Tingoora so we were staying in
Brisbane, which meant we had to drive back after the gig. We arrived in as gates were
opening, so the first thing we did was ask around for a quicker way back. With all that
sorted, we got our spot in front of the stage and sat down to enjoy the day. A crowd of
3000 was expected. It was not a bad set up – there was no drinking/smoking/eating
area in front of the stage. Only water was allowed. Different! The bars were up the
back and there was a couple of food stalls to the side. Needless to say it was pretty
quiet in that area til quite late.
The afternoon started with three local bands. First was a jazz/blues, laid back band
called Blues Excuse. They were followed by Alibi, ok but nothing special then was
Ceremony, a real rock band who have supported Jimmy before at gigs up that way.
The crowd started coming alive during their set.
When James Reyne came on he had a few fans that came rushing down the front. He
played an acoustic set which included hits from Australian Crawl and also his solo
career. The crowd got right into it and we wondered - if they were like this for an
acoustic set what would they be like when Jimmy came on!
Thirsty Merc saw the crowd change over. They brought the younger ones forward and
they were more subdued. Thirsty Merc were quite good, remember seeing them a few
years ago playing support to Gus and Frank in a little pub in Geelong! Times have
changed!!! They were quite good, it was just a shame their sound was crap. It sounded
like the drums and bass were vibrating through the speakers.
It had been a long day, we’d been through 5 acts but now it was finally time for who
we’d travelled all this way to see.
As soon as Jimmy hit the stage we were fired up and ready to go. One drunken girl
had pushed her way down the front and decided she was going to get between us. She
was determind and we had elbows, legs and hands digging in trying to move us, but
she’d picked the wrong people., we weren’t moving and she had no chance. One song
in and she’d given up, disappeared to try somewhere else. With her gone we could
enjoy ourselves and enjoy Jimmy and we had no more trouble around us.
This was Jimmy’s fourth gig this week and his voice was sounding a little croaky. No
one cared though; he was still putting on 110% and rocking the place out. The band
was great, the guys, Dario, Tommy and Pete moved about the stage, interacting with
each other, it makes such a difference. Pete and Tommy make a good team and sound
excellent together. Great to see Dario come right up the front, centre of stage with
Jimmy’s encouragement for a bit of a bass solo in Resurrection Shuffle.
No changes in songs tonight. Love having Seven Days, Going Down Alone and Boys
Cry Out For War in there for a change and love having variety.
When Jimmy came back for the encore, he told us his voice was f…… but if we
didn’t mind, he didn’t mind. As if anyone minded, no one wanted him to stop. He got
the boys to do a bit of singing to help out. He was joined by Tommy, Dario and Pete
in The Weight, and Tony got to do a keys solo in it too. A great way to recognise the
band. Goodbye finished the night off – awesome, the best song to end a gig.
After a brilliant night it was time to head back to Brisbane. It took about 3 hours to
get back, a much better way!!

Lay Down Your Guns
Seven Days
Love And Hate
Going Down Alone
Rising Sun
I'm Still On Your Side
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Choir Girl
Sit On My Knee
Wheels In Motion
No Second Prize
Ride The Night Away
Boys Cry Out For War
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Good Times
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
The Weight
Resurrection Shuffle