October 20th 2007 .... CALOUNDRA MUSIC FESTIVAL
    This was the first year of the Caloundra Music Festival, and it was a great success.
There were some really good artists there over the weekend, apart from Jimmy, who
headlined the weekend.
We headed up to Caloundra on the Friday morning and had purchased a weekend
pass. What a bonus when we found out Richard Clapton was playing on the Friday
night; cool we’ll get to see Danny. Apart from playing with The Rogue Traders,
Danny also plays with Richard Clapton.
We were staying in the hotel right opposite the venue and right opposite the beach - a
perfect location. The festival started as we were having a drink out on the balcony.
We had no idea who was playing tonight apart from Richard Clapton. We were
thinking this cover band was quite good but doing a lot of Sherbet songs - it was
Darryl Braithwaite -hahaha!! When we finally got across the road Ross Wilson was
on, got our spots up the front and enjoyed a bit of Mondo Rock and Daddy Cool with
the crowd going off in Eagle Rock!
Richard Clapton was on next and not only was Danny on guitar but Warren Trout
was on drums, brilliant to see these two again, they are both fantastic and it was good
to see them doing their thing with Richard. He got the crowd going and was excellent.
It was a good atmosphere around the place, fairly laid back and relaxed.
The gates opened at 10am the next morning, the first act on at 11am - a bit too early
for us Headed to the beach instead.
We headed over after lunch to watch Tripod; they were really good and funny too.
They were followed on the main stage by a Melbourne band De Ja Vu., who were
quite entertaining. then Jon Cleary, a blues band from USA, they were cool.
It was quite warm sitting in the sun, so we left our tarp and kept popping across the
road to the hotel to cool down, grab a scotch and avoid the portaloos. There wasn’t a
huge crowd there early on and they tended to stay back a bit.
It was a really well run event. While main stage was being set up between acts, local
bands played on a smaller stage, off to one side, so the music was continuous
When Vanessa Amorosi came on she urged the crowd to come forward a bit. it wasn’t
til she played her hit, Everybody, that they actually did She was really good and I
reckon her screams could give Jimmy a run for his money!!
Mark Seymour followed and was a lot more subdued. Some of his Hunters and
Collectors hits were included in his set but it was Throw Your Arms Around Me that
had the crowd singing along loudly. His attempt to get his political view across went
down like a lead balloon, with people yelling to him they’d paid to hear him sing, not
listen to his political views.
Finally it was time for Jimmy to hit the stage and get the place rocking again.
Resurrection Shuffle started us off with Dario leading the way with his bass solo. No
changes in the band this week. Mahalia and Ben were back from their overseas trip
and joined Elly on backing vocals.
Jimmy announced to everyone there was a curfew tonight - “which I think we’ll have
to break” Everyone yelled their approval to that suggestion.
It was a bit of a hits night, but you expect that with this sort of gig. and it was a
shorter set than the usual. No new songs were included and no different ones form the
archives. But it was still a great night and Jimmy sounded fantastic, the croaky voice
of Tingoora gone and he was hitting all those notes perfectly. He made some Chisel
fans happy when he introduced Flame Trees and pointed them out and said they
would know this song. They were so excited. Little things like that, or a flash of a
smile in your direction, that connection he has with the crowd makes going to a gig so
special and the fans love it.
It was a good crowd here and everyone was in party mode, there was no pushing and
shoving, which you’ve got to love. So many of these outdoor gigs turn feral after a
day of drinking in the sun, but not this one. It was great.
Unfortunately the curfew had to be kept so Jimmy had to finish on time, such a pity!
After about an hour he left the stage and returned shortly after with the band to end
the night with goodbye. Awesome!!! The band were wound up faster and faster - love
it. A brilliant way to end the night.
Another trip worth making!!

Resurrection Shuffle
Boys Cry Out For War
Ride The Night Away
Rising Sun
I'm Still On Your Side
Choir Girl
No Second Prize
Good Times
Merry Go Round
Gonna Take Some Time w/ Mahalia
Proud Mary /Mahalia
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man