October 27-28th 2007 .... A DAY ON THE GREEN - MUDGEE
    Craigmoor Wineries at Mudgee was the first of the Day On The Green concerts. The
first one on Saturday sold out really quickly, so a second one for Sunday was
announced. Got tickets for both and headed up there for the weekend. As everyone
found out accommodation was hard to come by, but we managed to get a cabin at the
local caravan park. Had a flight after work, then after a 4hr drive through eerie fog we
arrived about 3am. Much to our surprise our cabin was really good, small but clean
and nice.
I have been to a Day On The Green before and remembered people queued for hours
to get in and get a good spot. We knew we had to get there early to get front row and
sure enough when we arrived there was a queue started up already at the gates. We
put down the tarp in the queue and sat and waited, while around us they sat in their
deck chairs, opened their eskies and started drinking. Once we got in we raced to the
front, but no, can’t sit there - the area in front of the stage had to be left for the dance
floor. Everyone had to sit in a semi circle around that area and look out if you had a
foot over that line, security were onto you - ridiculous!!!
Saturday was really hot and we were driven crazy by flies. Sunday was not so hot and
it rained, the garbage bags handed out were put to good use and ponchos were made.
The rain didn’t last long and we got wetter when the water on the roof came down on
top of us. It was like we had 10 buckets of water thrown over us, we were drenched
right through, the hair ruined!!!!
Anyway Mahalia was up first with Ben Rodgers on guitar, Elly May and Darren
Percival on backing vocals. She did some songs from her soon to be released album
and some from her live EP A couple got up for a bit of a dance and when she sang
Proud Mary quite a few got up and got into it. On Saturday a familiar voice could be
heard joining in on backing vocals, Jimmy was at the side of the stage with a
microphone in his hand. Little did he know the cameraman was focused on him and
he was being shown on the big screens! Elly was only there for the Saturday gig, she
was off the Arias on Sunday.
Deborah Conway followed but we were off for a wander and went to catch up with
Mahalia at the merchandise tent, where she was busy meeting fans and signing things.
Richard Clapton was up next with our favourite guitarist Danny Spencer and the ever
smiling Warren Trout on drums. Danny is one hell of a guitarist and as I’ve said
before would love to see him back in the band with Tommy. I’m sure there are a lot
who feel the same way. Richard played the old favourites - Girls On The Avenue
being a popular one with the crowd who were up dancing on Saturday, on Sunday
they were still laid back drinking at this stage of the day.
After him was The Black Sorrows led by Joe Camilleri. The crowd had come down
the front by now and were getting right into them. They had quite a few songs we
were familiar with.
In between acts the cameraman was set loose among the crowd, and we got some
interesting shots with interesting comments. It was quite amusing and embarrassing
for those caught!.
When Jimmy came on the crowd went crazy and surged forward. He started with
Cheap Wine, a very fitting song for the day. The set list varied for each day, with
slight changes. Both days had crowd favourites that everyone loves to hear and sing
along to. Some new ones were added in too.It was thefirst time I’d heard Better Off
Alone, a very catchy tune. On the first night Elly joined Jimmy for another new one -
Two Hearst Collide, his duet with Kasey Chambers. I’d rather see Elly singing this
with Jimmy and she did a great job. Out In The Blue was there too. Excellent to hear
some of the new songs, really looking forward to the new album. The Sunday gig saw
Darren Percival join Jimmy in Guilty; it’s been a long time since we’ve heard this one
live. Darren had sung backing vocals with Mahalia, and had joined her, Elly and Ben
in Jimmy’s set. No changes to the band since last time, (you just never know these
days) Dario Bortolin on bass, Tommy Boyce and Pete Satchell on guitars, Tony
Featherstone on keys and Yak Sheritt on drums. All the guys put in a good one and
had some fun.
Sunday saw some little kids down the front being protected by Wombie, they were
having a ball. The crowd were a little less feral on Sunday, not a bad thing after the
night before. On Saturday the crowd went off, everyone trying to get closer to the
stage after a day of drinking in the sun. Maybe the rain calmed them a bit on Sunday,
maybe because it started a little earlier helped.
Jimmy is singing better that ever, his voice could have been turned up a bit the first
night, but that problem was rectified the second night and was coming out loud and
strong from the added speakers facing out into the crowd. He moved around the stage
flashing smiles in all directions, enjoying the night and enjoying the crowd going off.
He feeds off the crowd and if they are enjoying themselves, he does too and it shows.
Both gigs were fantastic with a good time had by all. A Day On The Green is turning
out to be a huge success for Jimmy. Looking forward to the next one at the Barossa.

SET LIST: 28th
Cheap Wine
Lay Down Your Guns
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
No Second Prize
Rising Sun
I'm Still On Your Side
Better Of Alone
Out Of The Blue
Choir Girl
Ride The Night Away
Resurrection Shuffle
You Got Nothing I Want
Good Times
Merry Go Round
Gonna Take Some Time w/ Mahalia
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
Guilty w/ Darren Percival