Going to Liquid Earth was a last minute decision. I decided I needed a break from the
stresses of work and what better place to relax! I headed up there straight from
Mudgee. I had never been to Airlie before and I loved it. After a day on the Islands, a
day on the reef, plus lots of sun and swimming, I was really looking forward to the
It was a really hot day so we decided to go to the venue later on and spend the day by
the lagoon, rather than at the sports oval listening to some crappy music we weren’t
interested in. Very, very good move. Gates opened at 11am, we headed down there
about 5.30pm and that was way too early. There was hardly anyone there and there
was different music coming from everywhere blending together into an annoying loud
noise. This was when an artist was on stage too, very bad. Someone came over and
gave us some drink vouchers, not sure what the go was there but it got us food and a
few drinks - bonus!
We went down to the stage when Mia Dyson came on and what an experience that
was! Everyone was totally smashed, dancing around and going mad. At this point
they were very friendly. - hahaha!! Evermore were on next and I’m sure they were
good but you couldn’t hear a thing. There was a wall of sub-woofers along the front
of the stage, not a terribly good idea; in fact it was quite painful. At one point the wall
started to fall, being bounced to pieces and had to be set up and tied up again.
In between acts they had a hose going if you wanted to get hosed down to cool off.
Didn’t see too many go for that!! They were more interested in getting their gear off
to get a free drink. The DJ was asking people to throw their bras, knickers, jocks, up
on the stage for a free drink. At one point a guy ran in front of the stage with his pants
off. Then the DJ was asking for girls to kiss. Hmmmmmm, interesting, don’t think
this is quite our scene. But hey, most were getting into it and many free drinks were
given out.
Was very glad when Jimmy came onto the stage with his band. That’s better, what we
came here for! When he came on he had a laugh at the crowd and said from what he’d
heard beforehand he thought everyone would be naked
There were two girls next to me who were fans of Jimmy, but hadn’t seen him for 10
years. They lasted two songs, then they were out of there, couldn’t cope with getting
crushed. We managed to hold our spots, I’m not sure how!! It was one of the most
feral gigs I’ve been to. The crowd were so smashed and were pushing and shoving
from all directions. Such a pity, they only knew one song - Khe Sanh, and they were
probably singing “the last train out of Sydney”.
Never the less, we had fun and enjoyed ourselves. The sound was better than
Evermore, but we still had Dario’s bass going through us as well as the drums.
Pete wasn’t able to do the gig tonight so Ben Rodgers played guitar in his place. He did
a good job considering he is actually a bass player. He was getting right into it, can’t
tell you what he sounded like though, but I reckon he did ok. Tommy and Dario were
always there to help out.
Another new song from the album was introduced tonight - I Can’t Yell You Why,
another great catchy song. Better off Alone and Out In The Blue were there too and
judging by theses songs, the album is going to be excellent. The hits were played, lots
of Chisel. Mahalia joined Jimmy up the front for Take Some Time and also for When
Something Is Wrong, a song not heard too often these days. She also rocked the place
with Proud Mary - and yes a few new that one!!
It certainly was a different gig and after Jimmy had finished with Goodbye the crowd
partied on with their ‘boom, boom, boom’ music.
Well Airlie Beach was feral, but it was still good, despite the bad sound and we still
enjoyed ourselves and had fun.

Lay Down Your Guns
I Can't Tell You Why
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
No Second Prize
Rising Sun
I'm Still On Your Side
Better Of Alone
Out Of The Blue
Choir Girl
Ride The Night Away
Cheap Wine
Resurrection Shuffle
Good Times
Merry Go Round
Gonna Take Some Time w/ Mahalia
Proud Mary / Mahalia
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
When Something Is Wrong w/ Mahalia