November 10th 2007 .... A DAY ON THE GREEN - BAROSSA VALLEY
    Ready for another day in the heat, we headed over to the Barossa Valley. Who would
have thought Adelaide would be hotter than Mudgee and Airlie Beach, but it was.
We had A reserved section tickets, so once we got in there, there was another section
in front of the stage which we had to get a wrist band to get into. Once in we spread
the tarp and were able to leave it there to go for a wander and find some shade.
Mahalia was on first and performed a really good set. She was joined on stage by a
special guest - Jimmy, for Take Some Time, good to see this song in her set. He then
joined Elly on backing vocals for the last song. That was a nice surprise!! Jimmy and
Mahalia went over to the signing tent after her set. Security were pushing people
through quickly and only letting those who purchased D.O.T.G. merchandise in the
line. Didn't stop us from getting in the line though - haha!!
The Black Sorrows were on after Mahalia, they had swapped times with Colin Hay, as
they had to be back in Melbourne. The crowd were not into them as much as last time,
maybe it was the heat, but most remained sitting.
Colin Hay followed and I thought was a bit boring; no one much was paying him any
attention. Where were some familiar songs??
Things livened up again when Vanessa Amorosi came on. Down in the front section
everyone stayed seated. We were ready to get up but thought they wouldn't happy
with us if we did. Surely they will get up when Jimmy comes on, try stopping us!
Well all but 6 were up ready to rock when he came on. I could not believe those 6
brought their chairs to the front of the stage and remained seated for the whole 90+
minutes he was on, while people swarmed around them, going off and enjoying
themselves. It was a great crowd tonight, a lot different to last week; these people
loved Jimmy and knew the songs. There was little trouble in the crowd and we
weren't crushed against the barrier, always a good thing!
Jimmy started slowly with Flame Trees then Can't Make Love Without A Soul. He
didn't take long to start rocking out, much to the delight of the crowd. The set was
mixed, old, new, Chisel hits, solo hits and the crowd loved them all. Vanessa Amorosi
joined Jimmy and Mahalia for Proud Mary - those three powerful voices together
were amazing.
Many in the crowd had a Jimmy story to tell and he moved around the stage flashing
that cheeky grin in all directions, giving a wave here and there, exciting the fans and
keeping them happy. Jimmy says he's singing better now and I have to agree, his
voice is sounding brilliant, it just keeps getting better. No problems with the sound at
this venue!
The band were on a roll tonight too. Tommy had a cracker, his new boots must have
been hurting because they were soon off and once he was barefooted he let loose. He
was up on the speakers, jumping around, showing off. Him and Pete were back to
back and they certainly do play well together. Pete is great on guitar and has a few
moves of his own. Lachie Doley was back on keys this time and he is awesome! He
was having a few problems with his equipment but that didn't stop him, he went off.
He gets into it, and is great to watch. Jimmy is so lucky to have Dario, he wanders the
stage and helps everyone out, especially when some one is new to the band, He is the
one they look to for guidance. He is a brilliant bass player and always manages to
have a bit of fun. Yak is really good on the drums and even though he doesn't have a microphone he still sings along to all the songs and looks like he is enjoying himself.
There were a few extras joining Mahalia, Elly, Ben and Darren Percival on backing
vocals, all squashed on the raised platform -they were having fun too.
Tonight had it all - it was a great show, a great crowd and a great venue.

Flame Trees
Can't Make Love Without A Soul
Out Of The Blue
No Second Prize
You Got Nothing I Want
I'm Still On Your Side
Lay Down Your Guns
Better Of Alone
Cheap Wine
Merry Go Round
Good Times
Resurrection Shuffle
Proud Mary .w/ Mahalia
Choir Girl
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Ride The Night Away
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
Rising Sun
Sweet Little Rock'n'Roller
When Something Is Wrong .w/ Mahalia