November 24th 2007 .... ROCHFORD WINES - YARRA VALLY
    Rochford Wines was the last of this run of Day On The Greens and I reckon the best
was saved til last.
It was a perfect day for it in Melbourne, sunny but not too hot. Got there early, as you
do, and lay on the tarp in the sun. Once again there was a big queue at the gates early.
Having the A reserve area at the front is the best idea, although it did get quite busy in
there and it was hard to get through the chairs and blanket to get in and out.
Deborah Conway was on first, Mahalia was not on this trip, she was supporting
Lionel Ritchie here and was unable to do both.
Swanee was on after Deborah and he performed his hits as well as some songs from
his latest album. If I Were a Carpenter had everyone joining in .It was great to have
Swanee on the same bill as Jimmy
After Swanee was Colin Hayes and he was a lot better than the other week. He
included a few Men At Work hits, including Down Under, which had the crowd up on
their feet singing along.
Following him was Vanessa Amorosi. She belted out her songs had a few dance
moves and finally everyone was up out of their seats and rocking on. Everyone joined
her in singing her hit Everybody. She really has got a great voice.
We were warmed up for Jimmy and ready for him to come on stage. He strode on to
thunderous applause. The crowd went mad and we were grateful we were in the A
reserve area, it wasn’t quite as bad in there even though they surged forward, there
was not too much pushing and shoving after the initial rush. Once again though,
alcohol proved too much for some with one girl passing out unconscious behind us,
Security hauled her over the barrier and that didn’t even wake her!! One girl threw her
hat on stage, Jimmy took no notice of it but Tommy picked it up and put it on his head
and wore it for a bit before throwing it back to her. She tried for Jimmy again, this
time no one was interested in it and security retrieved it for her.
There were a few changes up on stage tonight. On guitar filling in for Pete was Stuart
Fraser, the guitarist from Noiseworks. He was great, doing the gig with little, if any,
practice. He fitted in well with Tommy and did some brilliant solos. Tony was back
on keys joining Yak, Dario and Tommy. Elly was there too and helping her out on
backing vocals was Gary Pinto and Bonnie. The entire band had a good one tonight.
They really played well together; there was lots of interaction between them and with
Jimmy too.
Cheap Wine started us off on the best night. There was lots of Chisel, lots of hits, a
couple of new songs from the album released today. Plus a couple of duets. Michael
Spibey from The Badloves came on stage to sing The Weight with Jimmy. Gary Pinto
is an awesome singer and he joined Jimmy in When Something is Wrong in the
enccore. Love the two them singing this song together, Gary pushes Jimmy that little
bit further.
Speaking of the encore, it started with Jimmy, Tony and Dario coming onto stage first
to do Four Walls - brilliant, this song lets you hear just how awesome Jimmy’s voice
is - and he’s singing it better than ever now! Sweet Little Rock n Roller was there, it
is a fun song and the band get right into it and look like they are having a good time
playing it, Jimmy looks like he enjoys singing it too and the crowd rock along to it.
Goodbye was the last song, the only way to end the night, with Jimmy whipping the
band into a frenzy.
Once the gig was over Jimmy went to the merchandise tent to sign copies of his new
CD, Out In The Blue. What a great idea and a great way to boost sales and a great
opportunity for the fans to meet Jimmy We went to check it out. The queue was long
but they pushed them through quickly. Well done Jimmy, especially after that
wonderful gig. What an awesome night - the best D.O.T.G. yet!

Cheap Wine
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
No Second Prize
Rising Sun
I'm Still On Your Side
Better Of Alone
Out Of The Blue
Choir Girl
Lay Down Your Guns
The Weight .w/ Michael Spiby
You Got Nothing I Want
Good Times
Merry Go Round
Resurrection Shuffle
Flame Trees
Ride The Night Away
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
Four Walls
When Something Is Wrong .w/ Gary Pinto
Seven Days
Sweet Little Rock'n'Roller