What a great way to spend Australia Day - at Bimbadgen Estate at a Day On The
Green with Jimmy Barnes and The Baby Animals.
The weather looked a bit dodgy with the threat of rain looming, but luckily it held off
for the whole day.
It was a big crowd and all were there to have fun and drink lots. There were lots of
Aussie things everywhere - various hats, t-shirts, fingers, balls, flags and stubbie
holders - and some of the outfits!! Maybe they were trying to be seen on TV as
Music Max were airing the gig live. Everyone was in the spirit of Australia Day as
Aussie music blared form the PA when no one was on stage, while the Day On The
Green camera caught the sights.
Archie Roach and Ruby Hunter were first up on stage. Theirs was a very laid back
set and everyone sat back to enjoy. They were followed by The Tim Rogers
Impression band. He is a funny man Tim Rogers and very entertaining. When he
was finished Jimmy was up in the merchandise tent with Mahalia and EJ signing
things. Security were making sure no one was holding the queue up!!!
Baby Animals were next and they were awesome. I saw them for the first time live
last week at the Prince Of Wales and was blown away by them. Dave Leslie is an
unbelievable guitarist, would love to see him back in Jimmy’s band again. And Suze
DeMarchi is great, she has so much energy, a real rock chick! They played their old
hits, some acoustic songs and generally rocked. Shame they weren’t on longer, but
Diesel followed them with about half a dozen songs. He jumped from the stage at
one point and we wondered how he’d get back up - but he did.
Finally it was time for Jimmy and as the stage lit up he came on dressed in a silver
suit and the two and a half hour show began! On stage with him was Tommy Boyce,
Pete Satchell and Ben Rodgers on guitars, Yak Sherrit on drums, Tony Featherstone
on keys and Phil Small on bass. Although Phil is a great bass player and from
Chisel, it is very disappointing that Dario Bortolin is no longer in the band after 5 loyal
years with Jimmy. It is a great loss to the band, his fun crowd/band interaction and
expertise and help will be missed by many. On backing vocals was Mahalia, Elly,
and Gary Pinto.
Tonight we were treated to a vast array of songs, from hits, ballads and songs off the
new album along with duets with family and friends. Elly sang When Two Hearts
Collide and to be honest I would rather her singing with Jimmy than Kasey
Chambers. EJ sang Follow me from her new album - There and Back and Mahalia
sang You Are My Sunshine and Proud Mary from her EP. Tim Rodgers came on and
sang his song Correspondence with Jimmy. Tex Perkins then came on and sang one
of his songs Whenever It Snows and also I’m Surprised from Out In The Blue. Gary
Pinto came forward to join Jimmy and sing an awesome version of Grace Of God,
what a voice!! Diesel came on and him and Jimmy sang a Diesel song Lotion. He
stayed on stage and Tim Rodgers and Tex Perkins returned to the stage for Good
Times, There was five guitars up there in Goodbye, what a pity Dave Leslie didn’t get
up too, 6 guitars - haha , five was a bit much! Ben Mendleson got up do a bit of
backing vocals too. But Jimmy was great, two and a half hours and he didn’t stop or
leave the stage once. EJ’s song was the only break he had and even then he was on
backing vocals. A very good effort by him, how many others would you see going for
so long? Not many at all, if any!
The crowd was getting into it and we were saved from getting totally crushed by a
very helpful security guard, who stepped in to get the crowd to back off a bit. Lost
count of the times security jumped the fence to break up fights. But everyone was
having fun and enjoying themselves. It was a good gig, not the best but good. We all
know Jimmy loves to sing with family and friends, and today he was able to do that
and enjoy himself. It was a shame the TV coverage finished before his encore which
included Working Class Man, The Weight, in which all had a bit of a sing and the
grand finale of Goodbye.
Well even though this wasn’t Jimmy’s best gig, it didn’t matter, we’d all enjoyed the
whole day, had a lot of fun!

Cheap Wine
Red Light
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Rising Sun
Blue Hotel
Lay Down Your Guns
Choir Girl
When Two Hearts Collide (w/ Elly-May)
No Second Prize
I Can't Tell You Why
Merry Go Round
Follow Me (EJ's Song)
Four Walls
Correspondence (Tim Rodgers' Song)
Grace Of God (w/ Gary pinto)
When Ever It Snows (Tex Perkins' Song)
I'm Surprised (w/ Tex Perkins)
Out In The Blue
Ride The Night Away
You Are My Sunshine (Mahalia's Song)
Proud Merry (w/ Mahalia)
Lotion (Diesel's Song)
Resurrection Shuffle
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Good Times (w/ Everyone)
Working Class Man
The Weight