From Shepparton we headed down to the Bellarine Peninsula. Once again it was
reserved seating so no need to rush. Lucky, because we took a wrong turn and ended
up driving around another winery totally lost. Headed back the way we came and
found a young couple who were walking to the event. In exchange for directions we
gave them a lift! It was a long walk and they were grateful for the ride, good luck to
them walking back that way afterwards!
There was a bit of a traffic jam heading into the winery but we made it just in time to
catch Jimmy in the merchandise tent. There was a massive queue waiting to see him,
but as usual they were rushing them through.
The venue had a spectacular view with the ocean behind the stage. And the stage was
at the bottom of the hill, so you looked down to it all. It was also a very large area and
just about every square inch was taken with chairs, rugs, eskies and people.
Mia Dyson was first on followed by Jimmy. Driving Wheels was first, love this song
but still not sure on the backing CD, but better than not having the song at all. We
were back to a shorter set, but all the oldies were there as well as a couple of new
ones. Jimmy knows how to mix the set up to keep everyone happy, he introduced new
songs to those outside the Jimmy Barnes fan base, (most of the people were there to
see Joe Cocker and would only know the hits), not an easy thing to do, but he did it so
well and impressed all.
A few of us got up out of our seat from the start, no abuse here!! After a few songs
Jimmy told everyone they were allowed to get up out of their seats and enjoy
themselves. With that they were all up rocking and getting into it. Thanks Jimmy –
much better. What a bonus when Jimmy got his guitar out and played it for Out In
The Blue. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Jimmy playing guitar on stage.
By the reaction of everyone around, Jimmy won over a lot of people here at Spray
Farm. One guy behind us kept telling his mate, who’d arrived late, that he had missed
the best gig, Jimmy rocked and he had the whole place up rocking. I reckon we heard
the story about 20 times, but it was so true, the whole winery went off while he was
on stage. Shame he wasn’t on longer, not used to having an act after Jimmy but Joe
Cocker came on next and the crowd were right into him, enjoying themselves. A
much better atmosphere here than Mount Cotton. And we didn’t see anyone passed
out drunk afterwards on the way back to the car. This venue had learnt from previous
functions here and had the car park sorted out. We weren’t stuck in the car park for
long at all – phew.
We stayed down in Torquay for the night and went to see Nick Barker doing a charity
gig for drought relief. That was a bit of fun, an afternoon gig so not too late to drive
back home. Another action packed, fun weekend.

Driving Wheels
No Second Prize
Out In The Blue (w/ Jimmy on Guitar)
Ressurrection Shuffle
Blue Hotel
Lay Down Your Guns
Choir Girl
When Two Hearts Collide (w/ Elly-May)
Merry GoRound
Good Times
Proud Mary (Mahalia)
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man