March 08th 2008 .... BREATH FOR LIFE, DEVONPORT
    Got the email advertising The Breath Of Life charity gig in Devonport and thought
that can be done, why not?? A quick trip to Tassie was booked.
The concert was a fund raiser for the Lung Foundation and was held in the grounds of
Reece High School in Devonport, The event ran all day with lots of local bands and
had Jimmy and Diesel headlining it later that night. The school is right into music
and Diesel had been over there running music workshops for the kids. He is quite
involved with this charity as he lost his mother to a lung disease.
Diesel came on with his band and his family providing the horn section. He played for
about an hour and had the fans screaming when he jumped off the stage and came
closer to the crowd. He included the old favs in his set and had his sister in law come
forward to sing a couple of songs too. Tony Featherstone was the only one of Jimmy’s
band to come across and he jumped on the keys near the end of Diesel’s set.
The crowd were warmed up and when Jimmy and Elly joined Diesel and his band on
stage the crowd went off, yelling and screaming with excitement.
Flame Trees was first up and Jimmy told us we were going to start slow, build up and
do a few different things. Well we got it all - old, new, rock, soul and a couple of
covers - a great mix and a nice change to hear some old songs which haven’t been in
the set list for awhile. Jimmy was having a good time on stage, telling his stories,
giving us a good laugh, throwing a smile and a wave in all directions. Elly was up the
front and getting right into it. Her confidence is growing with each gig and her voice
keeps getting stronger and she is providing some powerful backing vocals. Mahalia
has taught her well. She sang a Bob Dylan song, Forever Young with Diesel’s sister
in law. Jimmy and Diesel sang a few songs together - Come Undone, Still Got A
Long Way To Go, To Love Somebody, Good Times and Bring It On Home To Me,
There was also a 50 piece choir on stage for some of the songs and one of the
highlights of the night was The Stones, You Can’t Always Get What You Want,
which the choir started off, before Jimmy and Diesel took over the vocals. Jimmy
played his shakers in this song and how good is he at doing that!!
The crowd was a lot different to the usual Jimmy crowd. The event was an all ages,
alcohol free event and was very family orientated. And what a difference that made.
Their was a lot of young people there enjoying both Jimmy and Diesel, probably the
first time many had seen either of them.
It was a great night, something very different. Hopefully a lot of money was raised for
the Lung Foundation.

Flame Trees
Out In The Blue
I'm Still On Your Side
Come Undone (w/ Diesel)
Choir Girl
To Love Somebody
Land Of 1000 Dances
Khe Sanh
Bring It On Home To Me (w/ Diesel)
Rising Sun
Working Class Man
You Can't Always Get What You Want (w/ Burnie Choir)
Forever Young (w/ Elly May and Laura Lizotte)
Still Got A Long Way To Go (w/ Diesel)
Good Times (w/ Diesel)