We headed off to Ararat after work on the Friday. There was a group of us going to
the gig so we met up there Friday night excited about tomorrow. Seems like ages
since we’ve seen Jimmy, but I guess it wasn’t really.
We headed off to the winery unsure if we were going to be hot, cold, wet, dry, it was
one of those days and we got it all.
This was quite a small winery in comparison to the others we’d been to, a little bit
more intimate, as far as wineries go!
Dallas Frasca was first up and she was ok. She jumped off the stage and over the
barrier to get amongst the crowd. The Black Sorrows were on after her and kept us
entertained. When they had finished Jimmy was up at the merchandise desk doing a
signing. It was pretty bad up there with people pushing and shoving to get a glimpse
of him. The queue was very long, no way could he get through them all, but with a bit
of help they were pushed through. Thirsty Merc came on next and the young ones
came down the front. They were really quite good and everyone enjoyed them.
Then it was time for Jimmy. Onto the stage came the band and yes there was another
change - Phil Small has been replaced with Pete Lawler on bass. Jimmy followed
them on and we were straight into Good Times. Took a minute to recognise the song,
so weren’t expecting that song to start the night. There were a couple of different
songs thrown into the main set. “Going Down Alone and Just a Man, great additions.
It’s been so long since we’ve heard Just A Man and it is brilliant. Elly joined her dad
in When Two Hearts Collide, she looks stunning on stage and she had taken over
backing vocals from Mahalia so well. She was joined by Bonnie tonight; they have a
lot of fun together up the back and get right into it. Bonnie sang River Deep with
Jimmy - what a voice; it’s hard to believe she is only 13yo. That was in the encore
which started with When The War Is Over, thanks to Jane requesting it. Pete Lawler
sang this with Jimmy (not quite like Mossy) It was Warren Costello from Liberation
Records’ 50th birthday so Jimmy called him up on stage and sang happy birthday to
him. Not long after that, when Bonnie was singing, Mick Newton from Round house Entertainment did a nudie run across the stage. It was so funny and gave everyone a
good laugh. Apparently he does it each year on the last Day The Green gigs.
Tonight in the mosh pit was actually quite civil. We had room to move and for a
change had a bit of room to boogie, instead of being crushed. A lot more fun!! Didn’t
see any trouble in the crowd at all, security remained at the side of the stage all night
and on the right side of the fence, not our side.
Jimmy has proved to be very popular at the Day On The Green gigs, with some
selling out. But they are finished til next summer. So what is next for Jimmy -
wherever, whatever bring them on!

Good Times
Cheap Wine
No Second Prize
Ride The Night Away
Ressurrection Shuffle
When Two Hearts Collide (w/ Elly-May)
Choir Girl
Lay Down Your Guns
Going Down Alone
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Just A Man
You Got Nothing I Want
Out In The Blue
Sit On My Knee
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
When The War Is Over (w/ Peter Lawler)
River Deep Mountain High (w/ Bonnie)