May 11th 2008 .... BACK INDOORS, TWIN TOWNS

After a great day yesterday and a good time at Richard Clapton at Twin Towns, we
headed off to the Gold Coast to see David Campbell. What a show he put on, he is so entertaining. We were hoping Jimmy might show up and join David on stage for a bit
of Wichita Lineman, but no, it didn't happen. Maybe DC will appear at Twin Towns,
but that didn't happen either. Once David had finished we jumped in the car and flew
back to Twin Towns, four crazy ladies on a mission. It was mad and we laughed so
Of course we got back in plenty of time, but we were all hyped up and excited to be
back at an indoor venue to see Jimmy, and Twin Towns too, our favourite venue. And
yet again we were not disappointed, There is something about this place that brings
out the best in Jimmy and the band, There is always a good vibe here and it rubs off
on everyone. Mahalia and Ben were back with the band tonight, With him there and
Jimmy playing guitar in several songs, there were four guitars on stage, Loving
Davey's scissor kicks and windmill arms. Pete's starting to loosen up a bit and him
and Davey work really well together. Shan is brilliant on drums, singing along as he
pounds away. Tony had trouble in Khe Sanh, but don't think that was his fault,
someone, (who shall remain nameless - Jimmy) got a bit lost for a minute. Not good
when Pete has to be told to play the bass in Resurrection Shuffle - the intro is bass!!
Though it's not quite been the same since Dario left. This time there were no big
speakers on the side of the stage so there was heaps more room up there for them all
to move around. But it was still loud, maybe not quite as loud but it sounded damn
good to me and everyone was enjoying themselves immensely, from the crowd to the
band to Jimmy, all having fun. Mahalia, Elly, Bonnie and Pete coming forward to sing
with Jimmy. Mahalia's Proud Mary had the place rocking. The guys joined Jimmy in
The Weight in the encore, Bonnie joined him in River Deep and Goodbye finished the
night off. Would love to see Do or Die back in there, with a punch thrown in too of
course!! Not complaining though, the gig was awesome.
So once again Twin Towns had delivered the goods. A brilliant night had by all.


Working Class Man
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
You Got Nothing I Want
Resurrection Shuffle
When Two Hearts Collide (w/ Elly-May)
Choir Girl
I Can't Tell You Why
Rising Sun
Merry Go Round
Out In The Blue
No Second Prize
Ride The Night Away
Proud Mary (w/ Mahalia)
When The War Is Over (w/ Peter Lawler)
Good Times
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
The Weight
River Deep Mountain High