August 30th 2008 .... A BIT OF ROCK AT THE GYMPIE MUSTER

This was our third Gympie Muster to see Jimmy play there. It is such a huge event
that has people camping out for weeks waiting for the Muster to begin - five days of
Country music and Jimmy Barnes.
Unlike last year where the Muster got rained in and people were stranded there, this
year brought warm weather and plenty of sunshine. Lovely! It was a long day,
especially after a big night out in Brisbane seeing Nick Barker and his old band The
Wreckery. We found our spot, lay the tarp and relaxed in the sun listening to the non
stop country music alternating between the two big main stages. On stage we had Sara
Storer, The McClymonts, The Wolverines plus more. Adam Brand was also on but unfortunately on the other stage so it was a bit hard to see him and impossible to see
Lachie Doley on keys with him. Adam did jump from the stage and come over to the
other stage for a song. Funny to see him do his song about Khe Sanh with Lachie
playing the intro to Khe Sanh. Jimmy was out the back - wonder what he thought of
Once he was finished it was time to rock out with Jimmy. There was a bit of pushing
and shoving as people tried to get closer to the front, but that didn't last long and all
was settled quickly. There were a few Jimmy virgins around us, excited to see him for
the first time. Jimmy hit the stage with his band and was straight into 'Red Light', an
awesome song to start with. We were treated to a few songs from Out In The Blue
first up. The band tonight was Davey Lane and Ben Rodgers on guitars, Tony
Featherstone on keys, James Gillard on bass, Jackie Barnes on drums with Mahalia
Barnes and Juanita Tippins doing backing vocals. It was Jackie's last gig before he
heads back to Boston and Davey Lane's last gig as he has his own stuff happening
with The Pictures and You Am I. Hope he's back soon though!
Troy Cassar-Daly joined Jimmy on stage for Can't Tell You Why and Bird On A
Wire - didn't the crowd just love that!
The rocked kicked in then with Ben taking the lead on slide guitar for Driving
Wheels. Jimmy played his guitar in a few songs; he even had the electric guitar out
tonight, such a rare thing. Just a shame the bloody cameraman prevented us from
having a clear view! James joined Jimmy in When the War Is Over, he has a great
voice and he did the song justice. Mahalia came forward and sang Proud Mary,
always a crowd favourite, and she does it so well. The set finished with Working
Class Man and the crowd got a bit panicky when Jimmy left the stage - where was
Khe Sanh?? Jimmy didn't let them down, it as the first song of the encore. Goodbye
finished the night off.
Jimmy had done it again - he had the country crowd rocking. He is very popular here
in Gympie, they just love him. Even though it was hard to see on the big stage with
everyone so far back, the blinding lights in our eyes, we'd had an awesome night. It
was a great gig and a fun time.


Red Light
Out In The Blue
Loosing You
Better Off Alone
When Two Hearts Collide
I Can't Tell You Why .(w/ Troy Cassar-Daly)
Bird On A Wire .(w/ Troy Cassar-Daly)
Driving Wheels
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Too Much Ain't Enough
No Second Prize
I'm Still On Your Side
When The War Is Over .(w/ James Gillard)
Rising Sun
When Your Love Is Gone
Merry Go Round
Proud Mary .(Mahalia)
Flame Trees
Working Class Man
Khe Sanh