Wow, how special was this gig!! Jimmy and David performing on stage together -
been waiting a long time to see this happen. The infamous Speigeltent provided the
perfect, intimate venue. The night was a real family affair with Mahalia sitting
between the two of them, sharing the vocals and Elly on backing vocals. It was Jimmy
as you have never seen him before.
David's band were used with Ben Rodgers from Jimmy's band on guitar and Darren
Percival joining Elly on backing vocals David also played guitar in a lot of the songs,
but no guitar for Jimmy this time!
The crowd had entered excitedly and once they'd got their positions, got
their drinks they sat and waited. A few familiar faces were seen about - Don Walker
Michael Hegarty among them.
The night started with David singing When The War Is Over with Jimmy - no music,
just their voices. You new then we were in for a treat. Jimmy sang a couple of songs,
followed by Mahalia, then David upped the tempo a bit with Good Love from his new
album. The three of them swapped around, some solo songs, some with Jimmy and
David, some with the three of them all singing. For once I was happy to sit and listen
and take it all in. Jimmy and David bounced off each other as they laughed and joked
and kept everyone entertained.
Some of the songs included - When The War Is Over, Out In The Blue, Grace of
God, and Still On Your Side from Jimmy's songs. Then from David's albums - Good
Love, Devil With The Blue Dress On, Tell It Like It Is, Can't Take My Eyes Off You
(Sung by Jimmy), and Mahalia's Is This A Love and You Are My Sunshine, which
Elly and Darren Percival sang a verse each. Jimmy and David also sang Witchita Line
Man from Double Happiness. They sang songs that had some meaning to them -
songs they grew up with, and from people who had influenced their music careers.
Jimmy and David's version of You've Lost That Loving Feeling (the first single off
David's album) was awesome. During the song David's sense of humour kicked in
and he started singing Summer Loving from Grease as everyone else clicked their
fingers along. Too funny! Jimmy and David sing so well together, they harmonise
perfectly, 'must be a genetic thing'. When Jimmy announced it was to be their last
song there was a huge sigh of disappointment from the crowd.
But they were in for a surprise when Jimmy returned to the stage to start the encore
with Mona Lisa - who would have thought!! The last song was Hit The Road Jack
with Jimmy, David and Mahaila sharing the vocals, a great way to finish and leave
everyone wanting more. Damn the Speigeltent having the Tripods on after, I'm sure
we could have squeezed another song or two out of them.
It was an absolutely brilliant night - a night to remember.